Heart & Sole

Jacket - Vintage / Sweater - Cheap Monday / Hat - Actual Pain / Kilt - Vintage / Pants - Jeremy Scott Adidas
Shoes - Bernhard Willhelm x Camper via Solestruck

I've recently teamed up with Solestruck who were kind enough to send me one of my dream shoes, the Camper for Bernhard Willhelm sneakers. They've featured me in an interview on their blog as well as on the main page of their website?! It's honestly so strange to see your own mug plastered on one of your favourite online shops. Such an honour, so thank you Solestruck!


ELIXE said...
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ELIXE said...

the play on words is terrible

ELIXE said...

the outfit and shoes are perfect.
4 for you U

Duck said...

Man those shoes are insane. Jealous of the black kilt, can't believe I'm fucking Scottish and I still don't own (a black) one!

inkarlcerating said...

omg.. love u !!!! solestruck is d best

Milex said...

pretty amazing

cyeoms said...

congratulations! nice photo editz too xx

Anonymous said...

omg i love u!

miriam said...

amazing shoes!!

Katina said...

These striped are food photoshop.

 Crystallography said...

love this outfit on you. i am in love with your style. super cool, x


this is the sweater right? i was checking your blog earlier this week and i already wondered whether it was the same sweater as the one i was wearing. absolutely LOVING the fabric btw!

LeNerd said...

so you're cool AND cute.

Unknown said...
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Teemu Bling said...

I want to find a vintage leather jacket just like that too! Looks so good with your new trainers, Andrew! :)


mv said...

Those shoes are so doope!!!

Mat said...

whoa there, you have the BW camper's! the range is so good, you seen the new black and white multi patterned ones? so good.

thanks for the comments lately, hopefully we can get back over soon. thanks for thinking of hollie

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