Do It Ourselves

I've teamed up with my pals Izzy of The Dandy Project and Giuliano of Holy to bring you a very exciting project! The concept is a sort of... brotherhood of the traveling DIYs. Basically, we'll each create a DIY project with instructions and send the finished project to another blogger. We'll each do an outfit post highlighting the DIY piece we received. But, here's where you come in! We're looking to include other menswear fashion bloggers. Think you fit the bill? The rules & how to apply are all listed below! Looking forward to seeing your submissions.
1. Contestants may apply by tweeting and/or Instagramming to all three of us (@thedandyproject, @HOLY_SPICE, @pullteeth) a link to or a picture of a DIY project that best describes their style and skills AND one reason why they should be part of this collaboration. All contestants must have an existing blog online. Submission period is 2 weeks from start date of  January 16th-29th, 2013.
2. The three judges deliberate and decide which blogger(s) get to be part of the collaboration, and who they DIY for/who DIY's their piece.
3. Each winning contestant shall create a DIY men's fashion item according to the brief, and ship it to the blogger he is assigned to.
4. Each winning contestant will receive a DIY men's fashion item from a blogger assigned to him, and shall photograph himself in an outfit post featuring the DIY piece he received. Dialogue and collaboration between creator and recipient is highly encouraged!
5. When all the pieces have been created and photographed, the three judges will set a time when all posts will be synchronized to go live. Each winning contestant's post must feature: (1) the DIY process of the item he created (2) a photograph of the item styled on the blogger who received the item he created (3) a graphic featuring all DIYed outfits of all bloggers involved (4) links to all blogs involved. 6. This is a non-compensated, not-for-profit project. Creative collaboration is encouraged, and the discovery and support of new talent is the goal.


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Stefanie said...

So exciting!!! Can girls do it? Or is it ~menz only~

christian said...

Sounds so cool!

Duck said...

If only I knew how to make anything...or weren't so damn lazy!

Pardon My Fashion said...

That is a magical video you have created. I was LOL'ing.