Pulling Teeth: Secret Meat Interview

Welcome to the "Pulling Teeth" interview series. In the coming weeks you can expect more interviews with artists, musicians, and other young creative people. I'm thrilled to be able to share the people that inspire and influence me every day. For now, here's my chat with Adam Levett and Chloe Wise. Time to uncover the real secrets behind their new internet venture: Secret Meat.

Tell us about yourselves…
Adam is a young handsome boy and Chloe is a younger handsome girl. We are based in Toronto for now... ;)
Adam is a fashion photographer and director
Chloe is an art student and stylist
Which Emoji best represents you right now?
Adam: the pig one because I'm fat 
Chloe: the hourglass one because I'm fat just kidding we're both extremely fit and tan ;)
Adam: also Chloe is single

What exactly is Secret Meat? 
Chloe: Secret Meat is our collaborative work, and the site is a collection of images, videos, collages, and screenshots from the work we have done together as a team. We create fashion/art/internet editorials and films, and our process includes a lot of FaceTime, Photoshop, texting and self shots. We both come from a background in fashion and we both have a longing to create art. Secret Meat is an ongoing collaborative self portrait through different media, dealing with both of our *struggles* in finding a balance between art and fashion, and often subverting some of the more banal or vapid encounters we've had with fashion. We are often, if not always, present in our own work, and choose to use social media platforms to circumvent our own narcissistic tendencies. So like, we're laughing at how vain we are, while taking pictures of ourselves.
Adam: Shut up

What are the advantages of working as a team/group? Do you hate each other yet? 
Chloe: We hate each other, yes. Working as a team is a lot of fun. Everything we do could definitely not be accomplished alone. We push each other to make things better, funnier and weirder. Adam's focus is photography and video while mine is styling, being Jewish and booty dancing. We sometimes switch roles and take turns editing the work or coming up with ideas, while making fun of each other and incorporating our process into the actual end result. Most of the things we put out begin as weird texts. A lot of the time I'll think an idea is going to be weird or offensive, but I'll just trust Adam and the result will be amazing. Similarly, he never ever wants to listen to me, but when he does, it's always a heavenly outcome.
Adam: We get to bounce ideas off each other, we get to share the workload. It's fun and easy. We have different perspectives and I feed off how hilarious Chloe's ideas are all the time. Chloe is like the sister I never wanted. (Chloe wrote this I would never say this)
Chloe: Also we don't hate each other yet, I was kidding, we're like a combination between father-daughter and experimental college girl best friends. It's beautiful!

Are you planning for world domination?
Chloe: Yes. We're very European inspired.
Adam: Yes we love culture we are super cultured we love to experience different cultures we want to procreate with families of different cultural backgrounds and we want to create a giant cultural worldly family of ethnically ambiguous exotic spawn and create a cultural culture of our own. So yes, world domination. ya 

Favourite One Direction member?
Adam: The one with the hair? The one that was banging Taylor Swift.
Chloe: How do you choose between angelic sex cherubs? I guess Harry... then Zayn. Ideally both at the same time. I just love them. I have Harry's face on my iPad cover, iPad mini, and tattooed on my inner thigh. It's a stick and poke that Adam did.

What does 2013 hold for you two?
We are planning on having some sort of multi media installation this summer, which would include our videos, collages, and some paintings. It will be cRRaaZy. In the mean time we are working on a lot of photoshoots and short porn videos. Also childbirth, but CGI like in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

How does the internet influence your work?
Adam: I don't even understand how to use the internet, I'm so old. I'm 54 and just started using the net to socialize with friends
Chloe: I live on the internet and my entire life is basically mediated through iProducts, financed by my Jewish father

Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Adam: Mint chocolate chip
Chloe: Diet Coke

Where can we follow each of you online?
Adam: adamlevett.com, and @levettafterdark.. AKA GOOGLE ME
Chloe: My fashion shit is at naughtymess.blogspot.com.. My styling portfolio is cargocollective.com/chloewise.. Twitter is @naughtymess and MOST IMPORTANTLY follow Adam and I on tumblr:


christian said...

Hii Andrew!
I am so happy your back again!
Love this interview, the video made me gigle in the beginning, but I think the message of the video for me is fact that the world is getting so superficial.

Can't wait for more posts!


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kerrin said...

hah loved your comment, so glad it led me here !

Katina said...

This interview is super funny, especially the rambling about culture. Also Chloe has excellent taste in one directioners.

Bodil Loïs Huisman said...

What a fun interview, really loved reading this!!

Love Bo,

Anonymous said...

Love this blog, this is interesting :)

Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

Chelsea said...

WOW. this blog post is both inspirational and inspiring.

I love the content, it's hilarious.

I can't wait to see more,more,more from both pullteeth and secret meat.

soups cute for the Universe.

Joy said...


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Anonymous said...

Gr8 interview Andrew!

xoxo Chelsea

britneh said...

i want to d8 adam whtas the deal with sarah kosloff

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The internet aesthetic is old and done. Everything these two are doing has already been done by artist before them. This is why Canada is so mediocre.

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