Put A (Key) Ring On It

Turtleneck - Vintage / Necklace - Martin Margiela x H&M
This oversize keyring necklace has become thhhhheee staple piece for Bloggers from the Margiela H&M collaboration. Count it: HOLY, Love Aesthetics, Beckerman Bite Plate, Stop It Right Now... (well, the original, but still counts) Glad to say I got my hands on it so I can match all my favs. The absence of H&M in Winnipeg proves a hindrance on my life time and tiiiime again. Thankfully I have wonderful friends in other cities who kept an eye out for this necklace for me. Thanks to Nick for picking this up for me!
What did you think of the collaboration? What were your stand out pieces? What did you pick up? Tell me everything


inkarlcerating said...

did u also lined up during the launch?

so jealizzz.. u wear it so well..

love u

ELIXE said...

still no mention of my packaging,
still mad

hate u

LYNN and HORST said...

cute look and somehow even seductive

Mat said...

i'm still yet to see the collection in person, and i've definitely not see this! whoa there

A La Mode said...

Love love love it on you! I'm also loving these cold (read chic) shots. I can't tell if your lens has steamed up or if its behind glass but Iurve it.

Katina said...

You look like a hot professor here, maybe of gender issues or astronomy.

Laura said...

just perfect

kariann landsverk said...

oh god, oh god!

Christian said...

MMMM is so cool.

christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

just jell said...

You rock the keyring pretty well! Personally it was too light weight for my liking.

I was in love with the whole collection, one of the best designer H&M collaborations. I thought it was a lovely treat for long time MMM lovers to re-release key pieces.

I really wanted the candy wrapper clutch (sold out so quickly!) and the narrow shoulder jacket (the only size left was too small!).

I picked up the flat coat, and the darted jacket. They are honestly like my children. I really didn't think I could ever own any MMM garments, so these really are like my babies.

rachael said...

this looks hella dangerous, son

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