riff raf

I feel that there is a wide misconception that all bloggers have infinite amounts of money to spend on clothes. For most of us, that is simply not the case. Yes, I read the same blogs as you. And yes, some of them bring out the worst forms of jealousy in me too. I work a regular job, save for nice things, and truly know the power of a good deal. Take this Raf Simons vest I recently purchased. Retailed last season for $350 but I managed to eBay it for only $60 bucks. (tags still attached, I might add) I'm a true thrifter at heart, so forking out the money on fully priced designer pieces is a concept completely foreign to me. So, for now I'll continue scouring the depths of the internet for these one-of-a-kind bargains. You know... until I'm rich and famous.


ELIXE said...
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ELIXE said...

ya look good boo

Joy said...

keep it real. nice find. so lucky!

Anonymous said...

love the effect on these images. super cool, x

Iris and Daniel said...

i hate u etc. bargain goals, srsly so good.

Charlie said...

eBay is the ultimate hoarders paradise! This Raf looks amazing on you, super jelly over hur!

Unknown said...

so true and i love it ! Fashiondacci.blogspot.com

Christian said...

:) love the way you post it.

christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

Anna G said...

That is such an Ebay steal. I'm so broke but finding designer steals really makes my day.

Giuliano Bolivar said...

YOU GO GAWRL!!!!!! love how u twerk that pixel

morganvsmorgan said...

TRUTH. Honestly, there's quite a few blogs I follow whose owner's don't spend big money, and I never really notice until it comes to getting particularly excited over a piece of clothing & then even more so when I realize I could actually afford it...

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