DIY: Hat Dyeing

I found this blue hat at a thrift store and fell in love with the shape/fit, but I hated the color. I wasn't sure if dyeing it was a bad idea or not but I figured it was worth a shot. Here's a quick overview of how I did it in case anyone wants to try.

What you'll need: a hat made of natural fibers, Rit fabric dye, rubber gloves, and a bucket large enough to fit the hat comfortably.

My hat was wool felt so I made sure use water that wasn't too warm. I left it completely emerged in the water for about half an hour, making sure that the shape wasn't being compromised.

When you take it out to dry, it's important to make sure it's in the proper shape. It will probably take a long time to dry. I left mine out for about 48 hours making sure it was completely dry.

It turned out this really great gray/purple color. I really, really love it.
Good luck if you decide to try this! Sorry my instructions aren't the best, haha.


Kylie said...

b e a uuuuuuuuuutiful!


The first picture looks really pretty, i really like it for some reason

Gazel M. said...

You're the KING of DIY.
Would this be about the same as dying clothes? :P


ELIXE said...

yeshiva chick.
so in touch with your menswear trends!

The initial blue was THE perfect pastel shade but impossible to pull off. even for you, and that face of yours...


Anonymous said...

omggg i cant believe you did that to that gorgeous hat. you can find a black kind of those hats anywherreee but not like the one you just ruined

kickass said...

cooool!!! love ur d.i.y,s

great creativity!

amalie said...

wow, great diy!

Caroline said...

Ahhh, that's wonderful, i really like it once it's dyed. I will be sure to hunt out any oddly coloured hats to try dying now.

naomi said...

I can't believe you dyed that perfectly amazing hat.


Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

that's awesome.

Michelle Elaine said...

it was very cute before, but it's definitely way more kick ass in black. i'd never thought to buy hats while thrifting cause my mom has worried me into thinking i can get lice from them... but hey if i can dye them they'll die? hahaha


Anonymous said...

Andrew, the blue was way to girly and not even comparable to your finished product. I LOVE the purple grey colour its AMAZING!

naughtymess said...

what a pro. lookin fly, boi.

Katina said...

Do you have dye left I have some black things I want to dye more black

Becca Jane said...

It turned out fabulously!

Anonymous said...


Apeshite said...

Sweet. I'll bet a hat would look cool dip dyed, especially one of the original color with the final result color on the bottom ... or top. Very nice. Good idea.