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I first saw a jacket like this on one of my favorite blogs, Love Aesthetics, and it was love at first sight. I planned on making one for a while, but couldn't find a zipper long enough for the life of me. I finally decided to just cut my loses and do it with the longest zipper I could find. Considering I would probably always wear it this open regardless, I don't hate the way it turned out. It's a really easy DIY if you're comfortable with a sewing machine. It only took be about an hour to do!

Jacket - DIY / Silk shirt - thrift / Sweatpants - thrift

And while I have your attention here's my quick two cents about menswear fashion week. All I've got to say is; daaammn I need a good wide brimmed hat!

Dior Homme FW 2011 / D Squared FW 2011 / Lanvin FW 2011 / Yohji Yamamoto FW 2011
All images via the fashionisto


Unknown said...

make me one.


Kylie said...

lol crosseyed.
I like how it looks with the too-short zippers, the little cuts look great. It's a nice detail that makes it look more original, rather than just a jacket with a zipper running across it...

you're still not over wide brimmed hats? Can't remember if I told you I found an amazing one at my Grandma's house I'm planning on stealing.


Adrienne said...

It looks great with the zipper not running full circumference. Gives it character and a neat shape. Almost like it's neatly falling apart, but then you see the zips and it's like AHA!

S said...

Your jacket still looks really goood! Now I want to try and make one.

Anonymous said...

looks amazing andrew! I want to try. and you could do so many different things with that. ATTA boy!


Izzy said...

looks really good! would love to see a step-by-step!

ELIXE said...

this looks so good!
great job!

derek said...

That's so great! and I like how the zippers are too short!

Jack XXX said...

WOW! I love your jacket! xoxo


Elegantesque said...

The jacket is super cool !


arttu said...

cool jacket, i wouldn't be able to do one :D

amalie said...

love the jacket! i love the zipper. i want to make this now.

Jardin de la Mode said...

that's such a great idea!
I saw a blazer like that on Jack & Jill and I fell in love with it.. maybe I'll try this this weekend!
thanks for sharing!



Lauren said...

awesome, i think it looks great detached! i feel like i might want to try this!

fritha louise said...

I really like it with the short zip, the cut-out detail it makes looks really good. Your DIYs are always so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome DIY, I have to try this now

Jess said...

That's amazing. How annoying on the zip. But it makes a sort of heart shape when it loosely comes together.
Great blog, followed :)

Rebecca Jane said...

Pretty fantastic DIY I have to say! I think it looks great!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

looks amazing. now just do it with a zip off part near your crotch, thx.

Anonymous said...

Looks great and I like how you teamed it up with a tartan shirt.

foamhands said...

hmm very anne demeulemeester in shape. nice!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh love your blog. Check out my friends blog: styletaboo.blogspot.com

Iñaki said...

Dude, you're seriously cool and I love your DYI projects! Too bad you don't live in the same country as me or I'd make you my personal coutourier! hahaha

Dollface said...

your jacket looks like you bought it in SEX- y'know Westwood and McLaren 70s boutique

and that's like a good thing..
i'm deffo following you now

where are you from anyway? you look like an english boy but i could be wrong


rokaa said...