Just some outfits...

Here are a few of my recent outfits...

Sorry about the quality of these first ones. I need to find a better lighting situation for my bedroom...

Jacket - thrift / Shredded shirt - Etsy / White collared shirt - thrift / Black leggings - thrift / Golden necklace - vintage / Shoes - Opening Ceremony

These Opening Ceremony shoes are an ebay find. I absolutely love them, but the first time I wore them I made the mistake of not wearing socks. And, obviously, I chose a day where I was out and about from 8:00 and didn't return home until noon the next day. Yikes. They cut up my feet pretty bad but I have since worn them with socks and that really solved the problem.

Leather jacket - vintage / Draped Cardigan - Nasty Gal / T-shirt - Asos / Necklace - Vintage / Jeans - Joe Fresh / Boots - Dr Martens


dear dukes said...

big time stud?

Ivania said...

love it
love your hair and your shoes and those layers... and are you waring a necklace underneath that collar? love that too

Anonymous said...

Hate hate hate that shredded thing hanging to your knees.

But you're a babe, so do what you wanttttt

ELIXE said...

the opening ceremony shoes are AAAAMAAAAZING.
want so bad

Y0u'Re PrEtTy Co0L t0o I gUesS

Katina said...

The snowy one is so pretty omgggg

freya said...

so pretentiously hot

EMMA OBV said...


EMMA said...


Stefanie said...

dis is da best

Kylie said...

ooooo your NYE outfit! Are you an OUTFIT REPEATER, or did you just throw it on again to take a picture of it? WHATEVS

The shoes. Yes. Just yes.

The snowy pictures are beauuuutiful.


Oh, Jamie? said...


Anonymous said...

you should make a post with all of your favorite blogs.... i think you have such good taste and i'd like to see which blogs you really like right now

love these pictures :)

arttu said...

like them especially the second one :)

Anonymous said...

i second anonymous.. and i just love you. ok bye.

Willis said...

I like the lighting in the first couple ones.

my math teacher in diploma prep right now looks like a middle aged man version of you. or like an older bro or something. freaks me out how you guys look so alike

p.s. nice leggings

Charlotte said...

Really superb shots - and nice lighting.

I am in love with that draped cardigan from Nasty Gal and Asos tee shirt. I am also always surprised by your fantastic thrifted finds! Seems like your city has great second hand shops!


jane said...


naughtymess said...

handsome city, usa.

Caroline said...

The shoes are amazing and i'm so very jealous of the shredded t-shirt, i am still yet to own one which is awful.

Alan Li said...

beautiful shoes and I love that shredded tee!

Tjejsajten said...

this is all beautiful. please tell me you went to daly burg...i love cheeseburgers so much.


Anonymous said...

i'm not even really attracted to men, but you. oh my god YOU.

Corve DaCosta said...

I love b&w

H-S said...

your necklace...LOVE



rouli said...

amazin post here dear!

lovely blog!

kiss xx

iñaki said...

Thise OC shoes are such a HIT!

Cecylia said...

I love your style- this layered look is gorgeous. Hope it's not too cold hwere you are

goth reform school said...

the shoes are glorious.

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