The 10 best/worst/wtf moments of my hair

I honestly believed I didn't change my hair very much, but looking through some of my old photos I realized how drastically my hair changes. I thought it would be be fun to count down 10 of my favorite looks. Plus I desperately need a haircut so this might get my mind off of it for a little while!

#10 - "What am I wearing?"
Apparently I thought this Hot Topic bow tie was a good idea. Not going to lie though, I'm kind of digging this super-short-on-the-sides, long-enough-to-tuck-behind-my-ears-on-the-top kind of look.

#9 "Purple."
Speaking of hot topic, I picked up some purple hair dye there on my last trip to Minneapolis. It didn't stay in very long but I was kind of really into it?

#8 "Purple? Again?"
I bought this strange drug store goop that temporarily turned my all my hair purple. I feel like I liked this look more than I should have...

#7 "Pee"
Um... I think every ~fashin teen~ went through a phase where they thought blonde hair was right for them. Deciding to do it out of the box in my bathroom may have been my mistake, but this piss yellow mop was fun while it lasted.

#6 "No words"
The aftermath of one of my most memorable Halloween costumes ever. (Michael Alig) I deemed myself appropriate enough looking to go out in public looking like this. Say what you will about me, but I commit to a costume.

#5 "Salt n Pepper"
Some of you may remember my post about this do. Still one of my favorites. Can't wait until my golden years...

#4 "..."
Nothing beats trying on your best friend's hair extensions! (right Jamie?) This photo along gave me motivation to grow my hair for at least 6 months. So much for that dream.

#3 "Bed Head"
This photo is strangely one of my all time favorites of my hair. Took it on the way out out the house at 6:00 for work. Nothing beats rolling out of bed and having a completely natural quaff!

#2 "THE BUN!!!!!"
Those of you who know me know that I worked on this bad boy for literally months. I kept my hair painfully long just in hopes of one day being able to tie it back in a knot. The most regretful part about it all; once I got it long enough I didn't leave the house wearing it. Not once. Uuuuuuugghhhh. That is the definition of regret.

#1 "The Braid Crown"
I happened upon this look accidentally. One of my friends was playing with my hair at a party and this is how it ended up. I actually did this look more than once, but this is by far my favorite!


Stefanie said...

I actually kind of LOVE the "no words..." look aka party monster. Like...yeah.

brandonj said...

#6 your bangs are actually fabulous.

ELIXE said...

please try to be more pretentious..
i bet you can't.

freya said...

you are the most pretentious person on the internet

Unknown said...

4, 2, and 1 are my faves!!!!!!! omg please say you'll be my bff and let me do your hair! I also have blonde clip in extensions we can put in your hair ;)


Oh So Lovely said...

We love the braid, and anything Hot Topic! Too bad the bun never made an appearance...

Anonymous said...

The Bun is my FAVORITE! Grow it back!
Love ya!

Raez said...

LMFAO for a few good minutes there! what an amazing post! #6 kind of reminds me of spock though...


Kylie said...

Can't wait for THE BLONDE to make a comeback... I'm pretty set to go blonde for summer, so we should do it at the same timmmme! ... or not

And I never told you this, but all I see is your normal brown hair on the salt and pepper look. Am I blind?


chuck n. said...

hahaha, the blond look makes me laugh. i've never had a "blond" phase, though there's no way it would've worked since i'm black!

great post, pretty funny!

Lisa Tustin said...

I really love your hair! So versitile. and I kind of really love it with extensions aha

thebathroomgurgler said...

michael alig one's the best ha

Meghan and Lana said...

numbers 4 and 5 are my faves. love you doll face


A La Mode said...

I really love #3 #6 and #1! Love that you went as Michael Alig for Halloween haha xxx

Anonymous said...

#2 + #5 are my favs. Sorry, but #7 is tragic beyond belief. If I had hair, I'd be reocking a braided crown all day, every day.


Anonymous said...

haha! love this post!

Adam said...

i find the number six hair more than acceptable. covetable even. commendable. all these words.

Chloeee said...

I simply love #6 and #3!!
Just amazing :))

Anonymous said...

i want to fuck you when i look at picture #1, #6 and #9

Anonymous said...

i love when your sport such chiseled cheekbones!

HUGE FAN OF THE BRAID! Swedish inspired and uber sexay!


Ashley said...

5, 1 and 3. Change is good. More than I can say I've done to my own hair. Now whip it.

arttu said...

haha this post really made my day :D and i've had a similar blondish hairstyle as your "pee" and yeah, maybe not going back to it :D

Anonymous said...

Not too sure about #7 and those glasses but defo #6 or 5

Alexandra said...

oh my god, you've had more hair-do's and colors than I've ever thought of doing to my hair !

alexandra @

Katina said...

Wheres the cheetah?

Unknown said...

haha just found out that you have a 'blogs i hate' section, makes me laugh!


The Velvet Scientist said...

haha, the bed head is my favourite, this is actually how I want my hair to look but it never works? It must lack the volume needed to stay up, idk.

the braid crown is geniusss. period.


Jade Rat said...

The braid is great. You should do your hair like that all time! NOT KIDDING.

Kylie said...

29 comments, HS!!


Callan said...

How can you mention a Michael Alig costume and not post a picture of it?

Anonymous said...

the hair extensions holy shit. long-haired you can take my virginity, please.

S said...

I'm liking number nine. The Braid Crown is also quite awesome.

Maria said...

hahhahah, pee! I'm quilty too...

Frances Davison said...

top knot... for serious i was so overexcited about that top knot. CRAVE.

Unknown said...

Ah, you are pretty with any hairstyle my man.

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