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I've really liked the House of Holland x Levis jeans ever since they were in his S/S 09 collection, but I never gave a thought about actually owning a pair. But for some reason recently I felt like I just neeeeded them. Obviously, my mind immediately went to what it knows best.. DIY!! These came together in one night, and pretty seamlessly! (unlike most of my other DIY projects)
I thought I would give some step by step instructions for anyone who is wanting to try this out. It really is inexpensive (I spent a total of $8) nor time consuming. Give it a try!!

What you'll need:
  • A pair of jeans (mine are second hand Levi's, lighter the wash the better)
  • Two sharpies (as thick as you can find as well as regular size)
  • Round object to trace (mine was 6cm)
  • Exact-o knife
  • Ruler
  • Thin cardboard or poster paper
  • Tape (optional)

Trace the circle you want and very carefully cut it with your exacto knife. Be sure to take your time because having a good stencil will really help you in the long run. After cutting mine out, I lined the edges with regular scotch tape, just to make it a little more durable for when I was tracing.

Decide where you want your first line of polka dots to begin. Measure your circle before choosing your size and make sure it is very close to a regular measurement. (ie 6 cm) It's really going to help you in the long run with measuring out your polka dots.
On the jeans, start marking dots every 6 inches (or however big your dots are), These will be the top and bottom of your circle. I would recommend doing an entire row of dots before starting to draw in your circles. I suggested having two sharpies because it's hard to trace and accurate circle with a thick one, but when you're coloring it in you'll really enjoy having a thicker one.

Once you've done your first line, you'll have to decide how far apart you want your polka dots to be. For me, I placed my ruler halfway through my current line of circles and it worked out to be the perfect spacing me. All you'll have to do is transfer the dots (which will now be the top and bottom of your drawn in circles) on your new line. If you did your first one properly you're circles should be equal distances apart, the same size as your circles, leaving the perfect amount of space for your new dots. Figuring out how far apart you want them is tough the first but you'll be able to get the hang of it.

From then on, it's pretty redundant. You'll start to get the hang of it and figure out what works for you. I ended up tracing out all the circles and coloring them in after.

And there you have it! Your very own House of Holland x Levis jeans for about 1% of the price.

And, as a special bonus, I recorded a VIDEO! I've never worked with video and it is pretty overwhelming but I like my little project I threw together. I've been interested in venturing into ~film~ after seeing Lady Gaga's Monster Ball to be honest, so many cool videos! So inspiring. (see the opening number here, so cool!)

Wearing sweatshirt from ebay, Second hand suit jacket, tank top from Walmart, DIY polka dot jeans, and Doc Martens. Song is Glitter Pills by Kap Bambino

Hope you guys like my little video!


Emma said...

I waited half an hour for THIS?

Emma said...


love you, love vlogs.

16 MM CUT said...
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Nia said...

this is SO GOOD!

Kylie said...

Ommmmmgggg, I did NOT know you could pose like that! My photoshoots are nothing like that, mahhhaha!! Why is there so Canada's next top MALE model?? Ok you need an agency asap.

Jeans turned out awesome, but instructions were confusing tbh. Amazing post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps- what's the song you used?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...
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Katina said...

love the video
werk it you fierce fuck
Just wondering is that your laundry room
also love the fake chanel and your DIY turned out cool

Shade said...

YOu are a Superstar

G Tauberge said...

this is glorious. I must try it out on a pair of shorts!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking this polka dot thing. You can really pull these jeans off with no effort.

Anonymous said...

I juz can't help notice the Chanel. Every outfit needs some Chanel(Devil Wears Prada)I know that. But Did you get at a AUTHENTIC CHANEL BOUTIQUE?

As a member of YO can take your fake Chanel Bags and shove it up your ass Group on Facebook, I am violated. Did you know that Fakes items (bags, watches, shoes, etc.) Are linked to terrerrest organizations? Those factories that make these garmets used children, Violating child labor laws? Miz MIA herself made some online books about it on her twitter.


geoff said...


stylegurl you are so jokes. it took my 5 minutes to actually understand what you were talking about

Adele said...

you're amazing! i could never pull that off, i'm way too impatient. you thought the whole process out really well, so the end result looks great.
i really enjoyed your video, too. you are so very video-genic.

Leah said...

Wow. You actually rock. To be honest, I haven't found many mens fashion blogs that I enjoy, and yours has to be in my top two. Those pants blow me away!
Thank you for being you!

Leah said...
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tanya said...

loved this diy! im temped to try this now but just one question - when you wash your jeans wont the colours from the sharpie dots run?

ps. found your blog via cheapthrills and im liking what im seeing ;) yours is the first mens fashion blog that i've found interesting

fritha louise said...

I full on love your diys. This looks amazing. I actually started making a pair of the cut out hole ones last spring, then found it too time consuming, put them away and somehow lost them. So I think I'll have another go now doing ones like yours.

Jazz Virtue said...

I just saw these on Live Glam or Die, and I am so impressed that you created these with just a permanent marker! Amazing look, and you pull it off perfectly!
Super blog! x

baaaa? said...


Isabel said...

The pants are excellent, the entire outfit is excellent, your hair is excellent, the video was excellent and the comments from 'Stylegurlz' is HILARIOUS!

Izzy said...

no way. too amazing. you're my latest favorite DIY star.

ELIXE said...

this was so sooo goood!
the jeans look so legit, too bad only a few(you) could pull it off though, hahaah!

Anonymous said...

The comments I leave are merely information and are relevant. To all the haters, just know that your words mean nothing.


Anonymous said...

@stylegurl our words might not meat anything, yours don't even make sense

Meghan and Lana said...

pants look good
you look marv
everything is great

i <3 stylegurlz


emlre said...


kelsea said...

seriously, you are amazing. and yeah, i did like your little video.
stay cool/stylish

Lily said...

wowwwww, so dope. amazing diy.

Violet said...

very cool i love the jeans and that blazer.your style is way to sick. I will return soon!

check the blog

Vi from Cali

Kylie said...

Ok, I'm officially starting a stylegurlz fanclub. Who wants to join?

Anonymous said...

My info is from the those HIGH in fashion. They know what they are talking about.

-Rachel Zoe
-Marc Jacobs
-Stacey London
-etc. all those that are fab


Anonymous said...

cool project.. however the video was a little too "queer as folk" like..

Vincent said...

Oh cool you got the sweatshirt! Its amazingg

Anonymous said...


eden said...

hello, i think i love you.
that's all.

Onilee said...

more videos please. super amazing! loved it!! xx

Anonymous said...

I love this. I'm so trying it.
Also - the video was adorable.

freya said...

39 u goomba-makeup... thats ur new nickname.

Adele said...

oh wow, thanks for the heads up with my comments. it didn't even occur to me!

Anonymous said...

HAHA style gurl you are the reason i read this blog so i can read your comments, they are HILARIOUS!!!! so good!!!!!

JJ said...

you did NOT just werq to KAP BAMBINO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHITTTT i just went to their show on saturday and it was A MINDFUCK!!!

Ariela said...

Loved your hairflip video! Hahah I just stumbled across your blog and I loved it! Following!
Your jeans turned out amazing!

william said...

Totally never thought about doing this! Takes a lot of time, but mine turned out okay.

That stylegurlz is crAzy.

Gordon said...

Great video just loved it, I will be watching you

Little Miss Violet said...

I did this too.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck you're awesome