Rollarskate Date

Went roller skating with a few cool chicas this past week! It's always awesome making friends with other bloggers. These guys are serious when it comes to posing, though. When a camera was pointed at me I would get a little shy, but these girls would smize me to death. Sooo much cool!! I prayed to god before I got there that they would play Gaga and Bad Romance came on as I was tying up my skates. Start to a great afternoon, I'd say. I think I'm going to change my career path to "Roller Rink DJ." Do they offer classes for that in university???

On a side note.. if you're not already listening to the song I posted, SCROLL UP AND CLICK PLAY. You will not regret it.

Anyways, check out Antonia's blog Live Glam Or Die, Zoe's blog Le Mille Fiori, and Raez of Cheap Thrills (Watch out for this girl, she's going to be huge) Also, all these photos belong to her, other than the first.


fadetoblack said...

ok dude.. seriously... i just found your blog because i'm a follower of Raez's all the photos are amazing first of all..

but your blog? wow... im a new fan!

Rachel Lynne said...

I too discovered your blog through cheapthrills and I am an instant fan. I love your diys! And your posh poses of course. (I am a fellow winnipeger as well)

McKenzie said...

Omg. You're the shit.

Beth said...

cute pictures and great song!

Onilee said...

fierce. love you because your blog rocks my world.

Isabel said...

Oh man, you guys are some well dressed roller skaters. WERQ.

sofie said...

i was on raez's blog but since i saw you had a blog too, thought i might as well tell it on here: love the jeans!

Taylor Sterling said...

wow just too cool! love!

cat said...

cool blog chico...looks like a lot of fun though! i wanna buy rollerskates this summer jeje...xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Amanda said...

woaazaah. That all looks too cool. And you're right - i didnt agree clicking play. Mean bass lines ftw <3

Amanda said...

btw whats the name of the song and who's it by?

Anonymous said...

andrew your dyi jeans turned out great! i love the outfit you wore them with!! xo

Inspire the Starling said...


we could grow up 2gether said...

did y'all do the train?!

Anonymous said...

fierce, fabulous, fun.

xx yags

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