Jumanji pants

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it seems like I've been going non-stop for the last week. Thought I would share a quick DIY project I've been working on for a little while now. I've wanted a pair of jodhpurs for God knows how long but haven't really come across a pair I liked, so I thought I would try making my own. These were just a regular pair of cargo pants I picked up at a thrift store and I sewed them super super tight at the bottom all the way to the pocket. A quick, easy and cheap DIY and they came out just the way I wanted them. Take a look!!

Any time I put them on my mind immediately goes to Jumanji. Not sure why, probably the poacher. Still deciding how I want to wear them, any suggestions?

Also, I haven't really been keeping up with fashion week (I'm the worst!!) but the one show I'm DYING over is Juun J Fall 2010. Here's a few of my favorite looks.

See the entire collection here


Alex A. said...

THOSE are fantastic andrew.

Annyong said...

wear them with me, in vancouver, since i have those exact pants from womens HandM. I like the big sweater and beige pantsies look.

Violet said...

they look great... you should put out a book of diys

Vi from Cali

Kylie said...

Aww, where's your elephant belt?? I love that thing. The denim shirt looks good with the pants, but whatever shirt you wear with them I think you should tuck them in... it just doesn't look right with the ends hanging out.
And THOSE are some wide brimmed hats, really good looks actually.


Willis HIP said...

UGH Andrew I swear to god our fashion tastes are twins...

MachuPicchu said...

i feel like you should scrounge up a hat like the villain in jumamji! the jungle safari hat.

i'm only half kidding.
(it would be so bad ass)

Justine said...


But for serious, that should be the only way cargo pants should be worn, EVER.

John Bernal said...

Ive also been really bad in keeping up with fashion wee *sigh. I love those pants!


ANDREW! So happy you did this. I know you were thinking about it! Turned out fantastically. Well done. Also, love the DIY aspect ;)

Adele said...

they look fantastic! you sewed them just right, i think, the shape is good, it tapers just enough and at the right point.
as for wearing them, i'm sure you will come up with something interesting. i'm trying to think of suggestions... a short sleeve jack london style shirt? (but i'm biased because i love jack london.)

Nia said...

king of the diys

Inspire the Starling said...

FAB trews...and that show is perfection! OHHHHH I want it! x

Shade said...

you just made cargo pants 100 times fiercer. you are amazazazazazing.

Stefanie said...

u spelled Jumanji wrong in the title but right in the body of the post so I was confused Andrew! I'm shaking and crying!
But otherwise, those are amazing pants. And I don't see any examples of them in the youtube vid provided lol

ps. my word verification is "rembho" kinda like "rembho me when I'm gone"

Andrea said...

super cool jumanji pants :)

Nia said...

pig skin? what..I don't even...
I'll pass on the animal fat cosmetics merci!

On another note, I am now obsessed with statcounter. Lots of ppl come from your blog to mine

Clara Campelo said...

amazing pics.

girls jewellery said...

Great pics! I love these trousers!

cashmere jumpers said...

I love this collection!The jackets look great!

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