OH. MY. GODGA. As some of you may know I had the honor and pleasure of seeing the one and only Lady Gaga last night. We had VIP seats so we got to go to a pre show party where drinks were over priced (we got one free) and people were under dressed. I'm not usually one to complain about other people's clothes but this is Lady Gaga we're talking about here! STEP UP YOUR GAME!! We ended up going to White Spot for drinks where they had a Bad Romance shot in honor of the show (4 for 12 bucks, can't go wrong). We got some interesting stares in White Spot but when we went back to the show we were right at home with all the other little monsters.

Stefanie of Gunsathome was babin' out and had a total Jessica Rabbit moment with the hair. UGH. Seriously.. people couldn't take their eyes off her. So perfect!!

I was going for my New Years outfit (which was also embarrassingly featured on Hipster Runoff.. can't find the post right now though) x10000000000. Ordered the ASOS Feather Cape and sewed it onto a suit jacket from a thrift store. And a good friend Annamaria found these beautiful creepers at a thrift store and picked them up for me. I am forever greatful because the first pair I got were too tight but these ones fit like a glove. I AM I LOVEEEE with these shoes!!!!!
Take a look at this video from our show! I could NOT believe it when of the backup dancers came on during "Monster" with an almost identical jacket to mine!! The only thing I was missing was hair underneath the feathers. (He's one of the first dancers out) I still can't believe it, it seems like I planned it but I had no idea. I SWEAR!!

Honestly.. the show was too good for words. Played everything I could have asked for aside from Telephone. The videos they had playing during/between songs were sooooo inspiring, as cheesy as that sounds. I think my next unrealistic project I am going to get into is film. Brb buying an expensive video camera that will just collect dust. I didn't bring my camera because the ticket said no cameras, but even from the 5th row there was still a sea of LED screens ahead of us. Didn't want to risk having my camera taken away.

Alright. I'm in Vancouver until tomorrow. I miss home but this city is great. Awesome shopping, great company.. It'll be sad to leave and get back to reality. Working hard to pay off all the clothes I bought here, finishing school assignments I put off until after my trip. All the good stuff. See you sooooooon!


Katina said...

I totally want to go to vancouver now.
But hurry home randyandy.

Kylie said...

Umm, why was I not informed about those creepers?? And WHY do I not own Stephanie's shorts?? I'm so out of iiiiiit

Your look pulled together flawlessly, but unfortunately for me I won't get to borrow the cape since you SEWED IT ON YOUR JACKET!?! AArrg, so selfish!

Oh yeah, and here's the HR link http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/2009/05/the-pattywolfalt.html I remembered it cos it was a post about "Patty Wolf"... who I kind of love

ps- Just noticed how coordinated you two must have looked together. Nice


Isabel said...

When you said 'Godga' it totally reminded me of this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bubx_kjQ1zM

Nia said...

Your friend is STUNNING & you look FIERCE! I want that ASOS cape, you rock it!
and AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING video, I'm so happy you had such an awesome experience!!!
I'm sure you'll be doing some shopping in Van so post all your goodies when you get home!

Lisa Marie said...

That jacket is unreal amazing! I'm trying to get tix for her New York show ahh I would die If I don't go!!!!


Justine said...

Holy shit you had amazing seats! And you guys look amazing! I'm still so floored by the show, it was fucking spectacular.

Also I don't know about you but the film at the very end almost made me tear up.

Unknown said...

Hey from toronto!! I am obsessed with your jacket and that is insane that that happened!! You have a GaGa eye haha!! .. And i loved the concert to!! She was amazeballs!! Ugh!!


Emma said...


Katina said...

Me & Emma are dead

Meghan and Lana said...

i am also dead
its meghan by the way

Anonymous said...

wtf you call that "stepping up your game"
i swear everyone here in toronto dress like that like its nothing

Alex A. said...

Stephanie - disco shorts and puff sleeves at their FINEST and andrew if I was a bird I would have you pluck me to make that jacket. FANfreakentastic.

PullTeethFan#1 said...

nobody in toronto looks anywhere near as good as these two fine ass monsters!

Anonymous said...


That is not true. But I give them credit because they look might fine

Emma said...

toronto is so last year

Anouk said...

sounds great
you both look AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

the only toronto you've probably experienced is the eaton centre and queen street. cute.

freya said...

Torontos ok.... Winnipeg is better.

Melanie said...

Your jacket reminds me of the one that the girl wears in Picnic & I love it.

Anonymous said...

toronto > WINNIPEG
toronto ppl = try hards
wpg = effortlessly cool/chic/etheral/fabulosity

Anonymous said...

WINNIPEG > toronto


Anonymous said...

Toronto is over-rated

Anonymous said...

I am from Toronto, and I quite honestly think Toronto is better.

I cud never get enuff of the downtown effortless chic that us T-dotters love.

I Rock this classic look maybe a little too often.

-Classic boyfriend jean that hugs the hips and shows of my curvez
-Classic Ralph Lauren (love) pique polo, in a playful fun delish shade for that pop of bright color that every1 needs.
-Classic Black pointy stilletto, the pointier the better
-Finish the look off by popping the ralph lauren collar and putting on a Classic Blue Navy Blazer. Make sure this blazer cinches you in at your natural waist line.

Toronto Downtown Chic

jenny said...

HAHAHA i cannot believe that winnipeg hipster kids actually think they are better than Toronto, OBVIOUSLY you have never been to Toronto or anywhere else for that matter. Winnipeg blows and you know it!

Anonymous said...

jenny, DIAF

Anonymous said...

"toronto > WINNIPEG
toronto ppl = try hards
wpg = effortlessly cool/chic/etheral/fabulosity"

My favourite part of this comment is the 'effortlessley cool' part. SO JOKES
You guys are the epitome of try hards. You all know Toronto is a big city. People across the country either move to Toronto or some other mega city to make it somewhere. Realistically now, who would move to Winnipeg to make it big.

Anonymous said...

Okay StyleGurlz
i mean, i'm from toronto as well and I support you being proud of your city.
But what the fuck are you talking about? LMAO


HAHA. Well done chip, look at this fight you've started. Sorta. Great post. U2koo4skoo.

eden said...

i actually think i am little bit in love with you.s



amazing jacket dewd.

Anonymous said...








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