Mindless Sunday Thoughts

(H&M patchwork denim & a lot of Christmas reading)

Anyone else addicted to buying magazines? I have my free Nylon subscription, my V & V Man subscriptions, and I always buy Nylon Guys. On top of that I buy any other magazines that catch my eye/have anyone I'm remotely interested in (sup Miley) sooooo now I'm stuck with a million magazines to read and never seem to find the time to read them. These ones are the select few I found on my floor while cleaning my room recently. I'm positive there are more hanging around unread too. The Pop is unreal though, I flipped through it and I think it was a good investment. Regardless, I've got to support the other bloggers too! You go Tavi

Speaking of Tavi.. I couldn't care less about the Rodarte for Target line since I'm not really sure how well the Rodarte aesthetic will translate to mass production... The thing I like about Rodarte in the first place is their intricate detail/leather work/ect. BUT, having said that, I can't get enough of this video! I think it really captures how young Tavi is so perfectly. I thought most of her hate was jealousy to begin with, but after seeing this I can't comprehend hating her. SHE IS A CHILD!!!! AND SO SMART! AND SO WELL SPOKEN!! AND A CHILD!!!!! RAHHHH!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Keep on keepin'


Kylie said...

Wow that Pop magazine looks amaaaaazing, wherejagetit??

Patchwork jeans usually remind me of this http://pop.ology.com/files/2009/02/1106brit-and-justin-denim_fa.jpg
but those are pretty sweet, I'll admit.

I found about 5 magazines that I bought in England so I have sooooo many to read. No more Chapter visits for me!


Emma said...

rock on brotha

Nia said...

she is so presh

Meghan and Lana said...

i dig her too now. i kind of hated on her before cause the videos she posts on her blog are a bit.. je ne sais quoi. weird.
but this shit is gold.


Anonymous said...

H&M love that place.

I think its THE place to go for your more fashion forward pieces, with great price points.I get all my flirty and fun basics from H&M. Downside is, their Toronto Location Eaton Centre Location doesn't always have the best selection and the more high fashion garments.

Did you hear about the collab they did with Jimmy Choo?

Really like your patchworks pants, I think Club Monaco SS 08 was doing that last year.


Anonymous said...

Found yur blog a few days ago, Like it a lot.

"I die" As the great stylist Rachel Zoe would say!


Derek said...

LMFAO to stylegirl

jenny said...

honestly it is so pretentious of hipster kids to use french phrases. "je ne sais quoi" lols also stylegirl you are fucking hilarious hahahaha

Rackk and Ruin said...

A. Those patchwork jeans are amazing. B. i think i want every piece from their target collab. . . . but there isn't a target near me. . . not fore miles and miles and miles.

John Bernal said...

Wow I love this video. Watching it made me fall in love with Rodarte even more. In the end, I think that their collection for Target represented their aesthetic very well. Lastly, Tavi is awesome. She just has this innate wisdom that not very many 13 year olds have.