Online Shopping @ ASOS

I've been doing a lot of browsing on the ASOS site lately. I have one special thing I am getting to wear to Lady Gaga in Vancouver (ps, did I mention I'm going VIP to Lady Gaga? With my best friend Stefanie of Guns At Home fame, who is now blogging again!? SO much exciting news! I'm not going to post what I'm ordering because I want my outfit to be a ~surprise~. It's worth the wait I think!? All the photos are linked too, so as always feel free to go ahead and order any of this stuff for me.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite pieces from the Unconditional line. This first coat, I DIE. (as Rachel Zoe would say) It's so incredible, I really wish I could afford a $700 coat. So the next best thing is to post it here so I can look at it every day. SIGH.

Here are a few more moderately priced pieces I loveeeeeeeeee. The ASOS jewelry line is incredible, especially the prices. Here's some for the ladies.. or the men? I'm thinking of buying the spiked necklace to be honest.

A chain bracelet for $13.95?! Can't beat that!! God I love ASOS

And I will leave you with an almost affordable leather cuff. So beautiful! Only $87 too, which isn't too expensive but I never wear bracelets and I know this wouldn't get enough love if I got it.

Hopefully some of you guys have a bit more disposable income than I do. Especially after buying VIP Lady Gaga tickets, I have to be careful of how I spend my money.


Stefanie said...

I love you booboo thanks for linking me. I can't wait for GAGA. And tehehehe I know what the secret piece of fiercness is that you're ordering >:)
I got a chain bracelet at Forever21 (NOW OPEN IN METROTOWN) for 5 dolla, you'd like it!

Emma said...

that first necklace is BEAUTIFUL

kaari said...

i sure hope this secret outfit is what i think it is.

lydia said...

all that jewelry is amazing.
and the jacket is just sooo wonderful.

Katina said...

Fuck I too have to stop throwing money around like an idiot.
But I want that necklace.

dear dukes said...

Make the chain bracelet. Duh.

As if you even considered buying something so SIMPLE.

natalie said...

the cloth/bow necklace is an easy diy!


Hm, thats a cool cuff...

Unknown said...

i am pretty sure that the spiked thing is actually a necklace, HOWEVER the good news is that they sell it at the bay! its like $75 though. I have the matching bracelet though and i got it from there.

Lana said...

My birthday is coming soon. I'll take both necklaces. Prease.

Unknown said...

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