I dug through my treasure chest of charms/rings/knick knacks and thought I would share some of my personal favorites with ya'll. I've collected quite the stash over the years and I hardly ever wear jewelery, but it's a fun and easy thing to start collecting, especially if you thrift.

Random pins/pendents, all thrifted. I am always drawn to religious jewelry and art, God knows why! (pun definitely intended) I found a bag full of Jesus and Mary charms, it was the jackpot. A few are feathered here.

By far my favorite piece. I can't remember when/where/why I happened upon this, but I believe it might have belonged to my grandma? It's so neat, the each scale is attached to it wiggles back and forth. I hope I keep this forever!

My chic wolf ring (fashin shoutout) This scorpion is about to seriously fuck this wolf right up. Bought this ring for $12 at a flee market kiosk that also sold Wicca stuff? Kinda cool I guess

Old Navy panther ring, Thrifted ~cool~, nail, and bow rings

My new favorite! Picked it up at Ross, I think, on our trip to Grand Forks to see Britney Spears. It was clearance, $10 or something! It's 5 separate rings, so I wear 2 or 3 at a time a lot.

Thrifted gold horseshoe ring. This is apparently 10k gold plated? So I guess someone elses luck was past onto me!

Well folks, that's all she wrote! Until next time, I'll leave you with my new favorite HBICs doing their thing. I'll I've gotta say is WORK!


Emma said...

oh my god.
the one in the orange shirt can't even walk, she has to waddle.

Emma said...

also, COOL POST.

Katina said...

I c u Britney ring.
Good stash.
I love religious shit, too.

Also you're welcome for that video.

Kylie said...

*a comment*

Kylie said...

You should make the sword into an earring. And get your ears pierced already!


mukelarvin said...

I think that the correct blogging-term for these things is "Jangles" rather than "Jewelry".

Also I agree with Kylie about the sword earring. Very Thrashin'.


Stefanie said...

remember when i stole your fish charm and you bought me a different one so i would give it back heheheheh that is love

Raez said...

UGH. your jewelry collection is way hotter than mine. can i steal that wolf/scorpion ring off you?? kthnx

xx raez

Russless said...

I have those fish on a necklace!

Meghan and Lana said...

These broads can work.

lydia said...

your jewels are sweeet!

rL said...

the coolest ring i ever found at vv (my fav ring) is this crazy ram head with these big spiral horns. so kewl. like the wolf ring yo

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