Clear your mind. Breath deeply. Look closely and carefully at this image.
You know have the overwhelming urge to line up for the Marni x H&M launch to buy me this combo.
You will do it without question. You will send said pieces in the mail to me, since we don't have an H&M here.
I may or may not pay you back.
Thank you. That is all.

In all seriousness, how incredible is the Marni x H&M collection?! I think it's the first H&M collaboration I have seen in years where real attention is paid to the menswear line. Any of the pieces could easily be in the mainline, with the same attention to detail and quality. I'm especially in love with the swim shorts + button down combo (get a better look over at The Dandy Project). Here's hoping my lucky stars align and I somehow get my hands on them. Time for H&M to open in Winnipeg!


Izzy said...

I love how though we're blogging about the same ensemble, your post is very you and mine very me. Linked back!

Iris and Daniel said...

This is seriously perfect, haha.

Lidiya said...

Such a cool animation, I adore that shirt <3

Mat said...

agreed, really looking forward to this too. shame, could get them online?

Maria said...

Haha, great graphic. I love love love the collection and have already seen it with my job many times and the womenswear at least is superb, the hype is totally acceptable for once.

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