Me & My Stench

Army Vest - Vintage / Windbreaker - Cheap Monday / T-shirt - Green Apple / Jeans - Cheap Monday / Hat - Thrifted / Sunglasses - Vintage

Here in Winnipeg we've been blessed with a pretty mild winter. This week is no exception. What would normally be a freeze-your-ass-off February, I've been leaving the house in spring coats all weekend. It's hard not to look like a giant balloon in this Cheap Monday windbreaker (a look I don't hate, I should mention) but I quite like it paired with this army vest. I purchased the vest last week and it's already proven itself to be very useful in my wardrobe. Sometimes the strangest pieces end up being the most useful. Gotta love that.
Fragrance c/o the fabulous Deborah at Edward Carriere Salon
This is my new favorite fragrance. I'm lucky enough to work in a boutique that sells the Diptyque line, which I was only familiar with from seeing the candles on the Polyvore wishlist of pretty well every blogger, ever. The line really lives up to the hype, though. I own one candle which is beautiful, but man, the fragrances are amazing. Their line is all pretty unisex, but there is something that is particularly captivating about the Eau Duelle. So, in case you ever wondered what I smell like... this is it.


Matthew Spade said...

looks good man, i like the getup. sleeveless camo you say? noice.

oh i really do like unisex fragrances, i have a lemony one

laura said...

man those glasses are wild !

Iris and Daniel said...

The purple-y lens of your sunglasses looks so cool with the red beanie! Such a cool look, definitely need to look for a balloon-y jacket, haha.

costra y ampolla said...

I need those sunnies!!


ELIXE said...

i always wonder what you smell like

freya frey fryea said...

hey sorry there has to be a small hint of poo in that scent or maybe I'm just crazy

Anonymous said...

You're so Awesome Chipman!