DIY Two Toned Shirt / Sandbox Feature

Shirt - DIY / Jeans - Cheap Monday / Watch - Vintage
As some of you may remember, a few months ago Raez (of Cheap Thrills) and I were featured in Sandbox Magazine. We wrote an article with tips on how to thrift. They must have liked us, because they asked us back to do another feature. This time: DIYs. They must know me well because I love me a good DIY just as much as a good thrift find. The magazine came out last Friday and I ran out to get myself a copy. Along with our DIY it featured a great editorial styled by the darling Bri Foster as well as a feature with another local blogger, Breanne of Le Flattery. They've really got some great variety in this issue. The magazine is now distributed all the way from Winnipeg to Vancouver and everywhere in between! Check out their website for a complete list of stockists.

For those of you who won't be able to pick up the magazine; don't fret! I decided to post the DIY here, along with photos of every step (gotta help out the visual learners)! It's a really quick and fun DIY project. I hope you guys like it!!

Items you'll need:
  • Two shirts of your choice. Make sure they are similar in weight/fabric as well as size. Measure the sleeves around the arm hole. You want the sleeves to match up as closely as you can, this will really help when placing the sleeves in.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic/intermediate sewing skills

Start by deciding which shirt you'd like as the sleeves and which you'd like as the body of your shirt.
Once you've chosen, start cutting the shirt that will be used for the sleeves. Cut within 1.5 cm of the armhole seam leaving enough allowance to line up later.

Cut both sleeves. Make sure to make it clear which sleeve is left and which is right. I did so here by marking the right sleeve with a pin.

Now you'll be cutting the sleeves off your body shirt. As you did in on the first shirt, leave 1.5 past the shoulder seam. This time you will be cutting into the sleeve, not the body. You will use the armhole seams later to line them up perfectly.

Start pinning. This step can be the most frustrating, but it really helps if you take time to do it well. Match up your shoulder seams first, followed by the side seam of your shirt to the seam of your sleeve. (Warning: all shirts may be different. Mine happened to fit perfectly, yours may not) The idea here is to distribute any of the extra ease you have in either your sleeve or your shirt. This step is crucial so your shirt won't bunch when sewing.

Once your sleeve is completely pinned you can start sewing. I chose to follow the original seam line with the side of my pressure foot on my sewing machine. This helps to insure you have a straight seam, as well as making sure none of the shirt's original seams are visible when completed. Start sewing at the side seem of the shirt/bottom seam of the sleeve.

Sew in a complete circle until you reach your original starting point. You're done your first sleeve! Repeat for the second sleeve.

Cut excess fabric from inside sleeve to remove bulk. Leave at least 1cm from the seam.

There you have it! Your very own two toned dress shirt!

Let me know if you decide to try this out! I love seeing what you guys come up with using my DIY instructions. And don't forget to buy the magazine (if you can!)


Izzy said...

Unfair. I hate that you can sew. But great job, it looks amazing!!

Adrienne said...

(i'm replying to your comment here!)

What?!??! No way! I was at the very front, squashed between a 7 foot tall headbanging man and a touchy-feely hipster. Where were you during Diamond Rings?

kim said...

the shirt is genius, love the mix of patterns.

Vintage Rules said...

You're probably one of the coolest Canadian's I have ever seen.Love the idea but hate the actual making part. Haha

ELIXE said...

wow. this is such an innovative idea.
good job! your brain is flawless/ahead of the curve/innovative/winning/spectacular/the whole nine yards.

you're awesome, dont ever change
-Lizzie Mcguire

Stefanie said...

Such a seemingly obvious idea yet I've never thought of it myself, good job! You should do one with denim and leather obv

Kylie said...


looks nice



LC said...


gt said...

You are so amazing i love the post did it take you long to design the banner and the layout for your blog its so cute

hot Blog babe




wobblinbetty said...

hey congrats for the feature!!! and the DIY is amazing..not sure I would do such a great job though, considering my poor sewing skills :)

Matthew Spade said...

i will have to try this out after i'm all done with uni, you make it look extra professional. thumbs up and well done on the second feature

chuck n. said...

this is awesome! i've always wanted to try it, but my mom's too busy and i don't know how to sew!

Kylie said...

I just thought of something! You should wear this with a printed bow tie, 3 way pattern clash for the win!


Maria said...

really good diy! especially since I downshifted my wardrobe a little bit too much and now need to be super creative when putting outfits together...

Zugler Klein said...

ohgoshh. this is genius! i tried it out and it looks soooooooo good! thx so much!! (:

costra y ampolla said...

got to have that shirt!!! not so crafty though!!


Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

you're so nifty and thrifty! i love it
congrats on the feature!

16 MM CUT said...

Turned out sick! You should post your DIY's on Instructables.com as well. Keep it up!


Kylie said...

wow you should blog more

discotheque confusion said...

well done you on the feature! very exciting. also the shirt looks awesome and I like the fact that you could buy hundreds of different second hand shirts on the cheap to create a little collection with lots of patterns.

wish I could have my way with the sewing machine..

STEFANIE said...

good job, love it! :)

Marina Siero said...

fuck, i love this

Anonymous said...

wow you should blog more

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