Reading With Pullteeth: Sandbox Magazine

Newest pick in the Pullteeth book club: Sandbox Magazine! This Winnipeg based magazine launched only a year ago, and it's exploded into a staple for any fashionable local. They have a great eye for local talent and they really showcase a lot of people who wouldn't normally be in the spotlight.
Not to mention the incredible cover styled by my pal Bri Fozter! (remember the infamous hair jacket?)

Look who it is! My two blogger BFFs Kylie of Nice and Shiny and Raez of Cheap Thrills!! This is from the launch issue of the last issue. You can see more photos of the party on Raez's blog (click).

By far my favorite article features Lara Vincent, who is a Toronto based designer with roots in Winnipeg. She designs the most beautiful head wears. I swear, any girls reading this would be crazy not to fall in love her her pieces. I mean... seriously?!. Check out her website http://www.laravincent.com/ for full lookbooks + a few videos.

Well look who it is.... As you can imagine Raez and I jumped at the opportunity to be featured in the magazine. Little did we know they were going to have us do what we love... thrift! I can't think of anything better! We wrote an article on our 10 tips when second hand shopping.

We were especially lucky to have a friend of mine, Kathleen Willson, taking our photos. It was so much fun shooting! Ahh!

For anyone who lives in Winnipeg, Sandbox is available right now at Burns & Black, Hush Clothing, and McNally Robinson. As of Jan 11th it will also be available at Chapters bookstores, not only in Manitoba but in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Toronto!
I hope some of you will be able to pick the magazine up! I tried not to post too much here, I don't want to spoil it ! If not you can always just check out their website, Sandboxmag.com.

PS: I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my wrinkled sheets. Yikes!


Antonia said...

Amazing feature you two!!! I leave Jan 10, are you possibly free before then???

robyn adams said...

Wowa! Raez and Bryce! I know them, haha, cool blog!

Caroline said...

Ahh, this magazine looks so good, your friend is very talented! Your feature looks amazing too, congratulations :) xxxxxx

Lauren said...

That is fantastic! All my favorite bloggers in one spot. Congratulations!

ELIXE said...


BackOfTheOne said...

congratulations dude :)

wobblinbetty said...

wow looks amazing! you're so lucky to have such a cool mag done in your town, very stimulating for sure!

Michelle Elaine said...

awww yay!!! congrats on the kick ass feature!! <3


dear dukes said...

Aww, you finally made it into Sandbox.

What a Happy New Year it is!

kyki said...

I will definitely be picking this magazine up ASAP.
Also, I need an oversized bow for my head, I have decided.

- kyki xx


Anonymous said...

I like your thumb holding the magazine in the 3rd shot...

Jenny Morris said...

this magazine looks rad! and i cant believe its coming from out of winnipeg. im gonna get my hands on a copy!


Olive said...

congrats for the press..
You look very pretty in those sheets :)

Anonymous said...

Im gunna roll the mag into a tube and eff myself with it

Rhea Harris said...

love ur blog