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Bowler Hat - ASOS, T-shirt - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jacket - Vintage, Jeans - Old Navy, Boots - Dr Martens

Went for dinner last night with Kylie of Nice and Shiny and my jaw dropped when she pulled up with this hair!! It's incredible, so 90's cyber goth. This girl has balls when it comes to daring hair styles and she totally kills it. It's my honor and privilege to show it off first (she hasn't even posted it yet!!)

And you've probably noticed already, but I've kind of done an overhaul of my blog. The header is just temporary, though. I tried starting a new one last night and I'm feeling totally uninspired so I'm not going to push it. I was just so sick of the small images and I figured with the arrival of my new camera, no better time than the present to blow them up!
Please excuse the earlier entries, I know they're not the prettiest now.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


jas said...

her hair is incredible, damn!

and i love your t-shirt

june said...

i absolutleyyy looooove the new layout herre in pullteeth town.


Vincent said...

I love these photos, what camera are you using? Good luck on finding inspiration for a new layout, I'm always low on some myself.

Violet said...

omg her hair is so daring and she looks great! love the header even though it is temporary!

Vi from Cali

Kylie said...

Oh snap the pictures of you look so rad... you can thank me later.

I love how you can see my bacon and The Saturdays keychain in that last picture, LOL.

Wish we got a better full shot of my outfit OH WELL


Isabel said...

I really like your new header, you should keep it! And Kylie, yr hair is INSANELY GOOD!

Antonia said...

omg most amazing hair ever
loving the new lay - my blog needs a maja overhaul but SO uninspired

Sofie said...

Woah it's blue! (She's got guts!) it looks amazing
I wish my school permitted dying our hair awesome colours. I think I may have to rebel soon.

Love your jacket and hat~

GraceD said...

Her hair is amazing, the colour suits her eyes perfectly!



I love that last shot!. the light is great.

Jane said...

OMG that is a russian tee! I love it. AHHHHHHH i like the new layout of ur blog. oh so chic!

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