DIY: Pleated Belt Piece

I recently saw this image in an editorial from lord knows where (I've got to start keeping track of these things) and it got the DIY cranks in my head turning. I put this one together this afternoon and it was totally trail and error, but I'm quite happy with how it came out. Smaller than the one in the editorial but I like it like that. I might try to some more now that I've got the steps all worked out. I thought I would try to do a step by step for you guys. I hope it's not too hard to follow, I'm pretty bad at explaining! Comment and let me know if you need any clarification.

What you'll need: Material, scissors, iron, sewing machine

I chose to use the selvage edge for the bottom hem, just to reduce bulk by not having to fold under the bottom edge.

When cutting out your piece there are a few things to consider. Make sure you're cutting your fabric width wise at least double the size you want your finished product to be. I wasn't too particular with the size I wanted to I just followed the lines of the plaid in a size that looked appropriate. Also consider how long you will be making it, as you'll be folding under the top to make a belt loop in a later step.

Turn over both left and right sides of your piece and press, hiding the raw edges.

Make your first fold. I just guesstimated how large I wanted my pleats. (total trial and error but it worked) If you like to be accurate I'd encourage measuring but if you trust your eye, go with that! Press.

Continue your folds. Make sure you're making them consistent in size. The sizes of the pleats is totally personal preference but just make sure they're the same throughout. Make sure you're pressing very well at ever fold.

Continue until you've reached the end of your fabric piece. Give it a hard press on both sides now. Pin down at the top as you will be sewing in the next step.

Sew from the raw edge at the top about 1/3 of the way down. Depending how long your pleats are this will vary. Just make sure you sew far enough that when you fold your fabric over to create the belt loop, the entire thing will be sewed down and laying flat. Sew each pleat as close to the fold as possible.

Fold over top to back, leaving enough room for a belt to pass through when completed. You can either do a blind stitch if you prefer to not see the stitching from the right side. You can also just run it through the machine as I did. I figure a machine stitch will hold up longer after wear than a hand stitch would. Again, total personal preference.

Here it is after sewing! My stitch is a little sloppy but you get the idea!

There you have it! Your very own... pleated belt piece? I don't even know what to call this thing! I hope some of you are interested enough to try this for yourselves! It's super simple and only took me about 40 minutes to do. If anyone does try it I'd love to see it!


Katina said...

I will never do this but it looks cool/glad you like it/you are handsome/etc

chelsea m. said...

/very handsome/where the f did u get that ysl belt from/

Isabel said...

Haha, a 'belt piece'! Never heard of them before, but it looks real cute on you.

jane yags said...

AHHHHHH YOU DID IT! Can i hire you to make one for me? In fact- i'd love your whole outfit. I love love love.

Nia said...

This is really cool and creative! You may be onto something with this belt piece...


katy said...

This would be so convenient if it was a pocket.

Evan said...

the ysl belt is nuts, and i feel like i have plaid fabric exactly like that hiding somewhere in my apartment.

Juanduh said...

i need it!

Unknown said...

I'd probably cheat and cut up a school girl pleated skirt... haha. I like this though and I'm trying to figure out how I would style it before I go ahead to cut & sew.


Anonymous said...

Omg! I think I have a new favourite blog :) Your style's awesome :) Just as your blog :D


John Bernal said...

Looks cool! I wonder how it would look in an intense pattern. Floral maybe? Thanks for the inspiration!

Kylie said...

I like the way it turned out, though I think if it was longer it would be better still. Perfect with those trousers, I love it!


Taj said...

OHAI, YSL belt!!!

Adele said...

This is so cute! I like that you did it in tartan, kitsching it up in a good way.
Good on you for DIYing, too, my DIY usually consists of pinning things together. Kudos to being creative!

a road to nowhere said...

you're cute

Unknown said...

faark dude, you're blog is probably one of the coolest things i have laid my eyes on in the past month.

Unknown said...

I thought that's what the original was @ 'cut up a school girl pleated skirt.' Quite cool. I don't have a sewing machine to my name. Ah well. I don't mind admiring.

Dylana Suarez said...

Awesome DIY!

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!


a road to nowhere said...

yeah it's pretty good! it's rachels' but she sucks at commenting (just like me) but i'm on tha pic so i'll replyyyy to yaaa.
cammie is not slr and you gotta buy a flash apart from it (which makes the total price pretty expensive but rachel managed to buy it in the sale) but we both love him. colors are beautiful & you can film in HD.
red that you just bought a new cammieeeee!! i love it that the name is canon rebel haha

a road to nowhere said...

with pic i mean pc

Unknown said...

Great belt... I knew you'd slowly come over to the dark side of luxury brand awesomeness

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