Who wears skort skorts?

I'll apologize now for my unexcused absence from my blog. I've been doing God knows what for God knows how long but the moral of the story is I'm back!! I've got some great stuff to share with you lovely, patient folks so soon. I finally got myself a new camera (Canon Rebel T1i) so I'll be shooting some HD dancing videos and snapping outfit shots as often as possible. I've also had some great hangouts and thrift finds, including the above skort, that I can't wait to share. Plus, I've got a DIY or two up my sleeve. I just need to round up a few more supplies and we'll be cookin'!

Thanks for sticking around. I promise not to be a stranger.
Oh, and before I go... What do we think of the skort? I'm dancing dangerously close to cross dressing territory as of late but that's what's fun about fashion, right?


dear dukes said...

Big Time Hottie

Anonymous said...

wearing skirts when you are male is not a part of fashion :/

Chip said...

Sorry Anon but

Number (N)ine FW 09/10

Givenchy FW 2010

Rick Owens SS 2010

Y-3 Spring 2009

Would you like me to find more, or...

ps: it's a skort

jane yagi said...

I LOVE the menswear skort! SOO fashion forward!!!

Can't wait to see your new DIY project!

Anonymous said...

u would make a very ugly girl

Stefanie said...

maybe not with that blouse but i'm semi-down

my word verification for this comment was "chainin"

Juanduh. said...

i love the outfit.
and I want to see all that what you said

Antonia said...

i'm into this

Misanthropic Pulp said...

no other way of putting it.
the dude is awesome.

michelle_ said...

you have an awesome style and blog :)
glad to have found you !
im following as well

visit/follow/comment my blog back at..

June Paski said...

I love men dressing, I'm planning to make skort!

John Malvin said...

I think it's great to be honest. Also, congrats on your new camera! I hope to purchase one soooon.

Katina said...

idk anonymous I think he'd be a very pretty girl because he has features that are attractive in both genders --- defined cheekbones, pretty blue eyes etc

walk the skort you know I approve

fritha louise said...

The skort is ace. It's like a kilt, and kilts on men are mega hot. And you're working it.

A. said...

I wish more men were as brave as you, that's what.

A. said...

Or at least daring.

Kylie said...

This just looks right.
Work, work , wooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrk.


katy said...


Isabel said...

Dude, I'm loving it. More guys need to dress like you.

km. said...

congrats on the Uptown placing!!


Beth said...

PSSSHHHHT. I bought a skort the other day too. Awesomeness. I also like the kilt in the last post. More guys from Manitoba SHOULD dress like you. :)

Big Daddy said...

Just found your blog from Raez! And i really like it, the kilt in the last post is blowing my mind! Can't wait to see some diy's!

madformanhattan said...

i'm totally digging the skort and this blog. you're like...amazing.

libys11 said...

wow!! totally bold and wicked!! :D and you're from winnipeg! i love it! :D

emily viveur said...

i don't think i've ever seen anyone work a skort as fiercely as here. i could not pull it off.

Aleisha-Rose said...

you crack me up! I love your blog! So phenomenal!

I Will be back

And I like the skirt/shorts... maybe not with a ruffle detail on top that would bring back the masculinity. But still really loving it.



Anonymous said...

you have foxy forearms omg.....
don't dye your hair :|
you look like a jil sander ad campaign

Kathleen said...

i think it's awesome. fashion is all about being daring. i love LOVE your style.

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