I'm obsessed with the mess that's America

( T-shirt - Brian Lichtenberg, Shorts & Flannel - Vintage )

I'm a sucker for a damn good vintage store and I've got a little treasure to share with you guys. I've been following Brooke Candy (of Bloody Guts fame) ever since the Suburban Burger days (anyone? anyone?) and I was thrilled to hear she was launching her own online boutique with the help of a few others. This girl has got style and I've literally day dreamed while scrolling through her tumblr about living the American dream so stylishly and carelessly as her and her friends do. This may be the closest opportunity I'll get but I'll take it. American Apocalypse is a creative collaboration between some of San Francisco's coolest kids and it's at it's beginning stages of it's launch. It's got a nice mix of affordable luxury pieces (and I mean affordable literally) and hand picked vintage pieces that don't look like they're from your grandma's closet. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

Vintage Fringe Leather Jacket
which reminds me o-so-much of my dear jacket I lost at a pub!

Betsy Johnson Goth Gown
for $60 this dress is a steal! I absolutely loveeee it.

Shredded Snake Lady T-shirt
How incredible is this? GAHHH!

Lace Figure Skating Tank
This reminds me of so many of my friends.. such a great piece.

Mesh Mini
Mesh. Mini. Enough said.

I encourage you all to check out the store for yourself! And this may be a good time to mention that I may be working on a vintage store project of my own. I'll fill you all in later but for anyone who knows me this has been a dream of mine for years and I think it might be an actuality. Like the people of American Apocalypse I don't want to do anything halfassed, so if I do it I'll do it right.



Unknown said...

I'm totally checking out the store right now! Thanks for the brilliant recommendation!


jane said...

God Bless America. And God Bless you.

p.s. that fringed leather jacket reminds me of yours. it's pretty rad.

katy said...

i need that goth gown in my life right now.

Nia said...

want the goth gown and mesh mini ahhhh!
Andrew, you should 100% do the vintage shop. It's your calling!!!

dear dukes said...

That long black gown looks like a nightgown they had at Joe. $24 folks.

God bless Superstore.

Kylie said...


Am I allowed to say that you look hot here? Well...yeah.

So true that girl does look like Rachel


Isabel said...

Bahaha, I totally see the resemblance.

Anonymous said...

You fucking idiot, figure out what the American dream is first. Are you in school? Probably not considering your tragic grammar. Maybe get your school teacher to proof read your posts. Fucking idiot

Little Miss Violet said...

Sometimes, I go on a gothish streak, and wear lots of black lace and Ozzy osbourne glasses. I need these items BAAAAD. Especially the "figure skating" dress.

Raez said...

first photo is fuckin fierce! love it.


Anonymous said...

Probably goes without saying, but keep up the frequent posting.

Adele said...

Awesome! I love that fringe leather jacket, yum.
Also you are channeling some Ash Stymest in your photograph. Which, of course, is wickeeeeed.

Stefanie said...

yeah god how can you not know what the american dream is, check yourself at the door god stop already america doesn't like lesbians


Anonymous said...

Really like your blog :) Keep on doin such a great job :)

Unknown said...

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