man leggings

Wearing Spring sandals, American Apparel t-shirt, Thrifted jacket, shorts, and leggings
Song - VW by Late Of The Pier
Okay. I've been really, really bad. It's been far too long since I last blogged. My broken SLR has really been getting me down. I apologize for the poor photo quality but it's out of my control right now. Anywho, here's my latest outfit. I've wanted to wear man leggings (I put the 'man' in there to make myself feel better about it) for a while now so I picked some up at Value Village and went for it. They're surprisingly comfortable and a great piece for the transitioning seasons.

(all photos from GQ.com)

No one does the man legging like Givenchy. Season after season they deliver newer and greater ways to wear them. Not sure if I'm quite ready to rock a skort yet but the thought is definitely dancing in the back of my mind. Anyone seen any other runway shots with them? Shoot them my way if so!

And in other news, I've been thinking about registering my blog as a domain for a while now. Pullteeth.com was already taken so I held off but this week I finally registered one. Don't worry about updating links or anything because it will just redirect. So, welcome to


Kylie said...

ok you're definately working those leggings BUT I think I like the short shorts with them better. I'm sure you've got some booty shorts in you're closet... don't lie.


Taj said...

DUDEEEEE!!!!!This look is so EPIC!!
You effing killed it!

p.s.I find myself putting "man" in front of a lot of stuff to make me feel better about some of my sartorialistic choices:D

Emma said...

I like these shorts with the leggings and your sandals top it off.
love it, love you.

ELLE said...

Wowow love the necklace and also the short video. Great idea. Ahh Late of The Pier brings back some good festival memories!

Marmelindela said...

Your man leggings are awesome!

unpreven said...

you are a man

Nia said...

Looooooooooooooooooooookin good! Congrats on the domain name :)

Anonymous said...

nahh kylie, i think that if he were to wear short shorts, it'll look a little "black girl"

he looks good in these ones!

Emma said...

also, I love your hair bb

Natalie J Monty said...

The leggings look great (and I'm in lust with your jewelry). I've personally always seen leggings as a unisex garment. Love ur blog -always true to ur personal approach

fuchsiaboy said...

don't worry too much about your sartorial choices ;)i like your necklace.

missnonhuman said...

oh shit this is awesome! all my guy friends have been yapping non stop about the man leggings lately. you did it so well!

John Bernal said...

I WANT SOME. Some call them "meggings" which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Hence, thank you for the alternate name.

I say yes on the boyband idea. I call bass (from Rock Band experience it is the easiest to play).

Katina said...

I usually don't like leggings on chicks but I like this & I was right to ~*have faith*~
werk it

Meghan and Lana said...

man leggings... who KNEW?
can't wait for dumb pt 7
p.s. haha MEGGINGS

Katina said...

Just typed in www.pullteeth.net to get here
feels so right

Adrienne said...

okay, I like the man leggings... but are those gladiator sandals??!

Well, I don't know, maybe with everything in the shot I could see it work better. I do like your necklace though! What's it made of?

dear dukes said...

I thought you already ordered that skort. I say go for it because it isn't TOO skirt-skorty, it is really just a nicely tailored pair of shorts. DO IT UP.

IƱaki said...

This post was awesome. I think you're the first guy I see that can actually pull off men leggings. And I mean even including the models.

Unknown said...

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