All About the Brows

Everyone is always looking for the next thing to decorate or throw an accessory on, and I think bloggers have found it. For years the eyebrows have been ignored but recently people are starting to appreciate their potential. Here's my sloppy take on the trend and some other bloggers that have done a much nicer job!

Winnipeg's own Kylie of Nice & Shiny

Another Winnipeg gem, Raez of Cheap Thrills

And last but not least, king of eyebrows, Pelayo of Kate Loves Me

It seems so weird to call eyebrows a trend but it's a fun and easy way to go over the top for a party. Gotta give props to Pelayo though, bleaching is really extreme but it looks amazing on him (homeboy can rock a kilt like no other). Maybe when I finally bleach my hair I'll bleach my eyebrows for a while first.

Know anyone else who rocks a crazy eyebrow? Point me their way!


cat said...

cool idea :-)
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

John Bernal said...

This just gave me an idea for my friend's lady gaga party!

Kylie said...

Ok wait, how did you do yours??? Need to know, kk


Kylie said...

ps- I just thought of another one: Amanda from ismental did blue ones, which turned out pretty good

jenni said...

LOL you are silly, your eyebrows suck! please stop being so stupid and trying to copy every trend you see other bloggers do. at least i get a good laugh though so thanks for that!

Raez said...

loveeeee it. I think boys need to jump this trend more. looking good!

xx raez

megs said...

white out?

Little Miss Violet said...

YESSSSS!!!!! There are cool people in Manitoba!!! God, I've got to meet you guys! I also colour my eyebrows green sometimes.

P.S. Yes, I live in Manitoba.

fuchsiaboy said...

there's something alien about weird eyebrows ;)

Anonymous said...

haha love it :D





L said...

After getting used to the brows at Balenciaga, I'm actually starting to like this look. Both you and Pelayo really manage to pull it off. (I think the glitter versions look dumb, though.)

Anonymous said...

stfu jenni you crack whore

Anonymous said...

ah i agree! i still love the thick black brow thou. 'ello, chola!
love, dayna

chloe said...

bleached brows i've seen, but this is the first time i've seen this glittery brow look. i'm into it.
i feel like colored eyebrows may be the next hairwrap....


Katina said...

Lara stones are bleached too I kinda want to bleach mine but obviously won't. I might force a gap into my front teeth though.

Anonymous said...

suck it

Emma said...

I like this. Wear pink eyebrows next time we go out.

Neoprene Skin said...

since spring09 balenciaga ive wanted to bleach my brows. but it only now with pelayo doing it etc and seeing this post am i like.. I HAVE TO DO THIS k bie

Yukiko said...

And this one!


(^It's quite witty :):))

Rianna said...

Glitter brows = RULE!
Rianna Bethany xxxx

Anouk said...

i like them light, i like them dark, i like them glittering...

R. Gratz said...

I've seen the colored eyebrows (ahem, balenciaga) but never had I seen glittery ones... now that's pretty damn stellar and ballsy. haha.


emlre said...

this is so good i love it.

Unknown said...

Hehe, I'm super tempted to go stick a ton of glitter on my eyebrows now and pair it with a hot neon pink lip. I might just do it!

I just wanted to say thanks for showing my DIY Miu Miu tights some love over at 'le CHEAP c'est CHIC'


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