I ordered this jacket from Nasty Gal last week and it arrived today. I really love it, you can wear it so many different ways. I was going to just take some photos but my SLR isn't working so I thought I would record a quick video instead. Hope you guys like it!

Wearing Nasty Gal draped jacket, Target burnout t-shirt, found cross necklace
Song is Schmedding by Exrawelt & Morelle (from A Bugged Out Mix by Hot Chip)


Anonymous said...

Love the draper. The jam to your video was sweet too.

switchin up the style I see. Gothic look is coming back btw,I'm seeing studz starting to appear in clothes...finally.

Enjoyable post
Don't shit where you eat.


ELIXE said...

woah. crazy!

if you pull the drawstring of the top part(side)/collar like just one side then tie a know it looks pretty cool too, creates a sort of extra drapey effect!

or fold both sides of the collar like into/towards your neck( so that it creates two loops on the sides of your shoulders) and then tie the drawstrings together it looks cool too!

Anonymous said...

andrew! i'm jealous!
the jacket is sold out!
how much did you spend
for this great piece?

Kylie said...

You're so dark.

Woooork, but yeah I seriously want to borrow that thing. Good decision to buy it


Stefanie said...

ur such a nasty gal
i like this song, count on hot chip to listen to the best musiks

Nia said...

so sombre

but no this is a good look on you - this jacket is a great investment - such a versatile piece!

jenni said...

fucking stylegurlz, studs were out of style the moment dumb bloggers started obsessing over them. gothic only looks good only on chanel models

Anonymous said...

Scuz, LeChateau just came out with studdered cuffs last weekend.

The Haterz cauz such a haze. No matter what I say beef or not, the haters allways come out.

I mind my own biziness and its a damn shame that others dont.


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Teresa said...

Yes, I love this jacket! I have it in the dark gray color. Super super versatile.


geoff said...


exactly, le chateau came out with them...
and you say you have haters like you have the substance to back your shit up.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Jeffrey, who are you!?

I hate leChateau, I just use it as a mass/chain/normal/affordable/sexy/good brand that readers can relate too. Dontchu get it?

I'm all about the Chanel & Hermes. Im just diluting my fashion knowledge for readers Jeoffrey. Ya hater.

Don't be hatin' on me just cuz i'm stylin' on youuu. Ha


Anonymous said...

EDIT: Follow me on twitter @stylegurlz


geoff said...


no, i'm sorry i didn't get it. the way you write makes you come off as some dumb immigrant. it's gURlzzZZ like you that claim they know "chanel and hermes" when they actually know fubu and costa blanca. You should really start a blog, instead of always critiquing other peoples shit. I would LOVE to see that.

Btw your twitter is crap, you shouldn't promote that.

love ya muah

Anonymous said...

geoff you sound like a fucking racist. what the fuck is "dumb immigrant" supposed to mean. and i fucking know style gurlz and their closet is spilling with louis vuitton, prada, burberry and comme des garcons. haha sorry that life is a bitch like that and some people are well off like that!

Sybil said...

love the drapey jacket!! love that it has pockets!!! :D gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

u look like the virgin mary

g said...

@stylegurlz friend

my parents are "dumb immigrants" and so is the rest of my community. I live 2 seconds beside toronto's chinatown. I'm the furthest thing away from racist.
and when i mean dumb immigrant i mean your little friend sounds like she doesn't know how to read a book.

ok what am i doing with this internet beef? this is pathetic. k whatevs bye

meg said...

andrew i LOVE this video and that draped jacket is da bomb diggity for real. please keep making videos they are sooooooo great!
p.s. omg yes blog fights

Unknown said...

i love it!!


we could grow up 2gether said...

u deserve an oscar!

Anonymous said...

i likkke, you remind me a little of childhood flames here. xx yags

Adele said...

way too goth.
no i'm totally kidding, i love it, reminds me of chronicles of never and likeminded brands. (nu goth looks gooood on you!)

jan said...

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