Just Shoot Me

Sweater - Jeremy Scott
It's become a tradition of mine to wear a Jeremy piece on the day of his show. Today I'm wearing a knit sweater I found on eBay a few months ago. The one thing about this piece is that I need to be mindful about not wearing it around children, ha! It's actually strange owning pieces that you personally don't think twice about, but other people have trouble understanding. (hello Martin Margiela keyring necklace) Oh well, shock value has to be worth something, right?

This season we get more graphic, unapologetic pieces from Jeremy. There is a definite grunge feel with this collection with I'm feeling... Something I've been going for the last little bit with my personal style. A good baggy plaid short and combat boots, I'm so game. I've actually had dreams about thrifting a fur coat like the one he showed. I know it likely won't happen, but a boy can dream! Plus these zip knee pants and getting the DIY wheels turning in my head. Might have to try these out. Another great show from Jeremy!


Charlie said...

Gurrl, I want to see you in that big fur coat! I love you're little dead smiley face thoughh x

Iris and Daniel said...

that pic is really perf

Mat said...

funny how you don't think stuff is contro when you get to certain stage, i just thought it was a cool sweater. but yeah, maybe wouldn't

//LOLI said...

That sweater is too perfect. Love these grungy 90's looks, beautiful.

Tevvy said...

1.) Loving the smiley sweater
2.) Yes, lets recreate those zipper knee pants together!

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