Look out!

Good news, everyone! I'm going to World Mastercard Toronto fashion week with my lovely friends from MTV Fora! Normally a trip means a hiatus from my blog, but I fully intend on keeping up with everything/the internet for once. If you want to follow what's going on, then you best follow me and MTV Fora on Twitter.

@pullteeth / @MTV_Fora

Plus if you have any suggestions on where I should eat, drink, dance, party, shop, or anything else in Toronto I'd love to hear them. You can either comment here or end me an email to andrew@pullteeth.net. I love meeting strangers off the internet so if you'll be in town let me know!


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

yaay!! im so excited your coming to toronto!!

Anonymous said...


Polly said...

Ah so exciting! Have fun, can't wait for your posts. Also, I love the video!

Anonymous said...


The Velvet Scientist said...

Is it just me or is your follow on blogger link not working? For some bizarre reason I ashamedly haven't been following you through blogger (and I never use bloglovin anymore)....

hope you're enjoying torontooo!

x D

Valentina said...

Love the blog :)

Valentina de Pertis

Emma said...

Admittedly, I am incredibly jealous. I bet it was awesome!

Larissa Blintz said...

aahh the jeans! that last outfit is the best thing ever. PS the blogger option you have at the bottom of your blog to follow you is broken, so i just added your URL to my dashboard so it could keep up with your posts! your blog is so rad, i can't believe i've only come across it now.

Wends said...

so flyyyyy! as usual.

iola said...

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