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I thought I would take a minute to share some shots of what I wore to Toronto Fashion week. It was total chaos and I completely forgot to take outfit shots myself, so here are a few I stole from other sources. Gotta love fashion week, where street style photographers do your job for you! ;)

Neoprene Coat - Joe Fresh / White Shirt - T By Alexander Wang / Mesh Shirt - Thrift / Trousers - Filippa K / Sneakers - Nike / Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Photo via Fashion Magazine

This outfit definitely made the most waves out of anything I wore. I was interviewed for the Toronto Star, named one of Flare Magazine's Best Dressed at Toronto Fashion Week, and even recieved a tweet from Joe Fresh. Not bad for a $50 coat. I've been itching to get myself a pair of New Balances but when I saw these Nikes I figured they would do juuuust fine. Love the neon sole.

Jacket - Thrift / Sweater - Rick Owens DRKSHDW / Kilt - Thrift / Leggings - Thrift / Boots - Dr Martens / Portfolio - Forever 21 / Harness - Zana Bayne
Photo via Flare Magazine
This one is a classic Andrew outfit. This dollar store hat has hardly left my head since I bought it. It's obviously intended for a child but that won't stop me from wearing it. The weather wasn't the best for a few of the days so layering was sort of the best option out there. Beautiful sunny days quickly turned into cool nights so you really had to dress appropriately. Can't wait until I can go barelegged in my kilt again. Sooooon, I can feel it!

Neoprene Coat - ASOS / Sunglasses - Jil Sander / Jeans - Cheap Monday / Tote - Rick Owens DRKSHDW
Image via Silhuetted Skyline
Clearly I am digging neoprene lately, can you tell? I had to bite my tongue so many times when asked who this jacket was by. I kid you not, I got Balanciaga, Prada, Jil Sander, Raf Simons, and any other label you could imagine. I suppose there shouldn't be any shame in owning a reasonably priced piece, but just once I wanted to answer "Yes it's Jil Sander. Thanks for noticing!" Next time.

Jacket - American Apparel / T-shirt - H&M / Jeans - Martin Margiela / Shoes - Opening Ceremony / Bag - Thrifted
Photo Via Fashion Magazine

This was probably the outfit I was most excited to wear, except it only came together roughly an hour before I wore it. The idea of wearing all white on top and black shoes with these pants was always in my mind, but finding a white top that didn't look cheap proved to be tricky. I ended up going with this alllmost Canadian Tuxedo look. Pretty happy with how it turned out.


Raez said...

Werk werk werk! Look at you go! Loved following your fashion week updates on FB/Twitter. Maybe next year we'll go together?!

Iris and Daniel said...

Alllllll your outfits are perfect!! Crying that we own none of it. hahaha

Magnet said...

Damn nice outfits! I love the last pair of paints and that coat that got mistaken for all those designer labels. Haha, don't we all wish we could say that we're wearing Jil Sander... or Prada, damn.. Prada, I wish I could afford that.

Michele said...

Fuuuu!! All perfect outfits, seriously! You so deserve to be Best Dressed. Those sneakers, the orange and the neoprene coat, and those JEANS. LUV

Matthew Spade said...

some quality outfits man i must say, reckon my fav would have to be the first one, the nikes proper make it all happen. good choice on the sneaks i think

Juanduh said...

Oh andrew you made it with all these outfits and I love it!


Elle said...

You look amazing! The first image is just brilliant. Do you know the name of your Nikes? I want a pair :)

laura said...

yeap, the proportions indeed. seems to be do difficult to find men's clothing in unusual cuts and lengths (besides gothic-y owens-doma-demeulemeester group or just hiphop 5XL) so really digging this new direction of menswear with different proportions.

that orange coat of yours is just mental, been really into orange with black lately. wearing my MA-1 with orange side out is an easy fix for now !

inkarlcerating said...

MY GAD!@!!! i need a pair of sneakers now.. yer incredible andrew

The Velvet Scientist said...

urghh want that blue neoprene!! these are so fun, I reaaally need to step up the colour in my wardrobe.

christophe is always inspiring me. you're right though. my biggest struggle is finding blacks that match! I'm on the lookout for a similar jacket, but I thrifted two identical shirts that are great replicas - long and collarless. I was going to give one away if you want it?


Joseph Dang said...

I LOVE THE COLOURS! AHHHHHHH I wish i could wear neon orange! But it dosent work well with my skin tone :(

Evie Stothert said...

holy shit you look amazing
those margiela trousers are blowing my mind

Olive Tee said...

oooh my goodness you have the perfect orange coat! I have been dying for one!

iola said...

Oh gosh. Beyond cute!discount ray ban sunglasses

Duck said...

Ummm the dyed Margiela trousers look is the best of all!! So chic and yet such a strong statement at the same time. Like a walking, talking dip-dye.

Lizzie Lo said...

we are jeans-mates!!!
great, i loved!!!

Andrew David Alexander said...

What season is that neoprene Joe Fresh coat from?? Is it still available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

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