Post #314

Has anyone seen my blogging mojo? I seem to have misplaced it... The timing of this this particular post is surprising considering the downward spiral I've been in since the Canadian Election last night. Oh brother! What a let down. Having said that, today has been miserable. Not even the nice weather we're having can get me out of my rut. So, in an attempt to try to cheer myself up I dressed in some of my favorite threads and even threw on some neon. If a bright neon belt won't cheer me up, I'm not sure what accessory could.

Sunglasses - Thrift / Shirt - H&M / Neon Belt - Thrift / Cropped Trousers - Filippa K / Shoes - Opening Ceremony

Oblig blogger shoe shot. These bad boys hardly get enough wear. I literally had to wipe the dust of them before putting them on. Shameful, I know...

Half ass smile for ya'll

After finishing the post I realized every photo is off center juuuuuust a bit. Oh well.
Hope everything is going well with everyone else. I've gotta go pick up some ice cream and weep over it while pondering the next 4 years of my Canadian life. Bye!


Isabel said...

You look amazing. Let's conspire to burn down Parliament?

ELIXE said...

why be sad with those pants?
they're SO good.

John Bernal said...

I definitely like the neon. And I definitely need a stripey shirt like that.

Kylie said...

ooo off center photos, THE HORROR!

I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, I think we unconsciously encourage each others bad habits. On the bright side... well, I got nothing. I'm in such a rut too...


ps- oops, forgot to actually say somehting about the outfit. LOVE. Isn't this the one you planned out the day you bought the belt with me? I love this, and barely any black in sight! You also look quite buff for some reason, another plus

Unknown said...

I love this outfit, very good!

freya said...

r u working out?

K A T H L E E N said...

love the look! especially that sweet neon belt!!

costra y ampolla said...

love neons!!

Matthew Spade said...

looks good man, would look daft on me


3000 comments! Wouldn't that be something? Or even 3000 followers ha! I'm still at the point of being shocked and in awe of 30 comments.

And might I say you're looking very young-James Spader-esque in these photos. (a compliment coming from someone my age)

Rebecca Jane said...

Have to say, am with you on the weeping over the next four years. On a happier note - I love your neon belt!

vn said...

love the mood of the first photo
... very suave
+ like the hair variation

street style:
what are you wearing,who are you listening to?

Unknown said...

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