New Favorite Accessory: Zana Bayne Harness

I've been humming and hawing for months on one of these guys. It's a strange piece to call a "staple" in a wardrobe but after much convincing I decided that it could be considered that in mine. It ended up being a valentines day present to myself as it showed up earlier today. As soon as I realized what was inside the package I ripped it open and started trying it on over nearly everything I own. And let me tell ya, was I ever right about it being a staple! It transforms the simplest outfits into a complete look. I'm worried I'm going to throw it over any/every outfit for the next little while and everyone around me will be so sick of it. Oh well!! Take a look at a few of my favorite looks.

Worn here with Complex Geometries shirt

Worn here undone with vintage button up

Worn here with Comme Des Garcons SHIRT button up

I strongly suggest ordering one of these if you ever have the chance. The prices are really reasonable considering it's a hand crafted, custom made leather piece. I see big things in the future for this girl! Plus I think it's good blogger karma helping out a fellow blogger. ;) Check out her shop at the link below.


Crystal said...

You will totally probably wear it with any/every outfit for a bit...or at least that's what happened with me when I got mine. Love love love. Definitely one of my top 10 fashion purchases ever.

dear dukes said...


kim said...

I've been thinking about getting one. Reading how happy you are with your harness makes me want to buy one.

Such a great accessory, it looks great on you.

clothes are cute

ELIXE said...

so happy for you right now

Kylie said...

omg look at all this posting! I can't keep up!

This is so a wardrobe staple, it looks perfect with everything! I love it with the CDG shirt, it looks really good.


Anonymous said...

you're stuff is great, but i really wish you would stop taking these mirror pics!

Anonymous said...

looks like you're carrying a gun! Travis Bickle? Tupac?

Dooshi said...

Love this Zana Bayne harness! It really goes with everything so it hard to take it off!
My first time here and your items from the older posts are so cool! (Your Linda Farrow x House of Holland and Linda Farrow x Walter Van Beirendonck are so dreamy!!)
Consider me as new follower :)


gt said...

amazing post you are just too fierce for words omg wow amazing http://jadoremrplastic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

love it! looks great with the gomme des garcons shirt

Michele said...

I really love it with that vintage shirt!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

god, you look so good tied up.

Anonymous said...

Cool look. Dirty, tough...what more could you want?

shakeyourhair said...

oh my god! i can't believe you got this! amazing

Amalia Mas'ad said...

This is so cool. And I can imagine it worn with any kind of top. I want one right now... :|

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

just like the tags.... fuck yea! and complexgeomitries yes! im happy you gave yourself a valentines day present, all i gave myself were chocolates and chips


Nia said...

You rock this....love Zana too, and her blog!!

xx Nia

Anonymous said...

you're into S&M?

wobblinbetty said...

♥ zana bayne

that piece you chose is my fav too, very simple comparing to the newest ones but very versatile xx

Briana said...

I love this! Like a belt and suspenders combination. Excellent.

n/a said...

I used to own a harness not unlike this ... I also used to do sex toy parties haha. I miss Winnipeg. I read your blog and I feel like I'm home.
xo D

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