While on the subject of Linda Farrow, I thought now might be a good time to introduce another new friend of mine. These Linda Farrow x House of Holland sunglasses. I bought these ones a while ago but haven't really taken them out for a spin yet. Not unlike my Walter Van Beirendonck ones the only reason I could afford these was because I snagged them during a crazy sale. I think the funniest part about these is the text on the inside of the arm reads: "Fashion Accessory Only." Who ever said sunglasses needed to protect your eyes? At least I'll have a story for my unborn children on why I'm blind! For ~fashion~

And while I've got you here, I might as well show you my outfit from today! Winnipeg has been having unbelievable weather for February. Normally we would still be in the deep minuses (-35° anyone?) but we've been getting unusually high temperatures. It is still fluctuating from high to low, but it's nice to have a little variety other than freeze-your-ass-off. This isn't even the first time I got to wear a spring jacket!

Jacket - Cheap Monday / Collared shirt - thrift / Sweater - thrift / Sunglasses - Thrift / Jeans - Cheap Monday / Shoes - Dr. Martens
Can we just talk about these sunglasses for a second? My blog has taken a strange turn lately. I swear I have other interests other than sunglasses!!! Anyways, these bad boys were thrifted at Value Village. I almost left them behind after telling myself that I really didn't need any more pairs. I figured for $3 I might as well and I'm so glad I did. I had never head of the brand but it turns out Serengeti is a pretty big/relatively expensive brand. Glad I changed my mind because I've been wearing them almost every day since.

Also shout out to Kylie for taking all these shots!


Kylie said...

whoa who took these sexy pictures?

Looking sharp! Let's all pray for spring jacket weather for the rest of winter.


Isabel said...

Be grateful for those temperatures, sir!! It is colder than a witch's teat in Waterloo.

ELIXE said...

you + children?

awesome jacket though

Jack XXX said...

OMG! I love orange ones! U r always have amazing sunglasses! xoxo

Anonymous said...

nice pics!

Matthew Spade said...

wicked outfit, esp like the docs with the white socks. that's quite english looking a la 70s/80s.

yeah i rememeber your thing on h and m mmhmm, you look way more stylish that i do, i dont know why they used those images of me but hay ho.

Veronica said...

Nice blog! Really!

Could you check out my blog and follow me? I'll be very happy if you do!

thank you so much!


Linda Farrow for house of Holland! Those are super chic!


Stefanie said...

look in good

Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

ahh yes! the orange ones are my favourite!

Brittany said...

nice to know it gets warm once i leave... good jacket!
also, i have a pair of purple-ish lens'd serengetis i snagged from my dad. supa great.

Unknown said...

dvrling you're putting my sunnies collection to shame <3


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Haha, more really nice sunglasses! Really like that jumper too.

wobblinbetty said...

those glasses are rad!!! and the blind story is fun :D

Dollface said...

you're pretty fantastic

i think i'm in love <3


Well don't you look handsome in these photos?

ps. YES this fashion week in shorts. Maybe that's why those dudes were giving her the side eye. "Crazy bitch."

Anonymous said...

your blog makes me sad for the world.... all you think about is clothes... lame.

freya said...

he also thinks about lady gaga too ok

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