Quick DIY: Studded Leather Portfolio

My stash of these cone studs seems to be bottomless. I keep dreaming up project after project and I always seem to have leftovers once I'm done. I picked up this leather portfolio at Goodwill for $2 but wasn't quite sold on it. I loved the size and the texture but it needed a little something else. Naturally, I went to my usual go-to: studs.

Studding leather seemed like a daunting and painful ordeal but it went quite smoothly. I would pierce the studs row by row from one end to about halfway, turn the bag inside out, then bend all the clamps down. Less annoying repetitive motions that are usually associated with studding. Quick and easy and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Totally transformed the bag me thinks!!


ELIXE said...

this is awesome, you're awesome.

samia said...

so so good. whys your goodwill always so amazing too huh. pffhshshs winnipeg.

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

where do you buy all of your studs?? the bag is really cute!


Lisa Tustin said...

Where do you find the studs??

S said...

I definitely looks good. I wish I had an endless supply of studs!

naomi said...

Andrew this is genius. you have been on a crazy roll lately.


Kimberley said...

Me like.

Andrew said...

Sorry guys, the studs are from http://studsandspikes.com/

Michelle Dylan Huynh said...

why be so clever for?
studs are king!


death_sexxx said...

love the studding!!

wobblinbetty said...

that's hawt!!!

GANDA said...

WOW andrew! this is way too gorgeous! :D imma inspired now!


Becca Jane said...

This looks amazing!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Gahh, i think this is a 100 times more amazing than my old portfolio i carry round. Maybe i should buy a big bag of studs and start studding everything in sight too.

Mat said...

amazing job done matey

Izzy said...

it looks expensive. good job!!

Anonymous said...

just imagined your hand holding my dick.

ELIXE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soley said...

wow, love this.
hopefully mom will let me steal her portfolio so i can do this with it!

Carolyn said...

love your work on the leather portfolio! now the classic look is spiced up a bit ;)

Tom Taylor said...

Add some water and let the studs rust, I really hate the shiny new stud thing when I've done similar. Reddish/ brown tone might complement the leather.

A. said...


Michele said...

I fucking love this. I needs to get me a bottomless stash of studs I tell you!

Frickys said...

The bag on its own is a true treasure but gosh these studs made it TDF!!!

goth reform school said...

looks great!

vera.c said...

i have been looking ALL OVER THE PLACE lol for that type of studs! even on line and haven't been able to find any! it is driving me insane, please where do you get them? ;_;

Veronica said...

This is gorgeous, so creative. Thanks for sharing.

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