Linda Farrow x Walter Van Beirendonck

As you can probably tell from my latest DIY, I'm pretty obsessed with sunglasses. Since most of my sunglasses are second hand or come from a dollar store, I'm not really used to having good quality ones. But I'm learning that sometimes it's nice to shell out the extra bit of money for a pair of sunglasses you really love. My cheap ass hardly ever does it, but when I do it's got to be for something really special. Having said that, check out my brand new Linda Farrow x Walter Van Beirendonck sunglasses!

I can't get over this incredible cream color. Even better... I was lucky enough to snag these for half price on ASOS! The absolute best part about them though?
Interchangeable lenses!! Ahhhhh!!

Here's the second of four lenses it comes with. I feel like these ones kind of give me bitch eyebrowns. I'm kind of into it?! Maybe I'll wear them when I'm in a bad mood.

Not photographed by me were these incredible spiked one and just a classic one that doesn't extend past the top.
Now, it's time for a vacation to break these bad boys out!


S said...

Those are totally amazing. Love the interchangeable lenses.

ELIXE said...

Sorry Andrew, Imma let you finish, but TYRA is and will always be the queen of cheap.

ps. loving the color; all beige everything

Raez said...

friken jealous! those shades are insane. four pairs in one, what an investment!


Taj said...

OMG THOSE ARE SO FLYYYY!!! I usually despise WVB, but these are soooo goood!!

Kylie said...

your brows pass the bitch test.


Unknown said...

interchangeable lenses? PURE GENIUS!


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

ummm how was i living life not knowing these sunglasses exist? you are my hero

gt said...

omg i love the glasses ur blog is so amazing :) beaut x


you gained a new follower

kim said...

Just found your blog and it's amazing! really love your content; definitely following :)

awesome glasses by the way, they're sick.

clothes are cute

Anonymous said...

fuck!! these are amazing!!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

LOVE these. x hivennn

Jack XXX said...

wow, amazing sunglasses!


Meghan and Lana said...


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Wowza, they're amazing. I love the spikey ones!



Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...


Amalia Mas'ad said...


I am now following your blog. Hope to catch you up more often and hope you follow me back too!


Michele said...

Holy shit awesome. The spiked ones are the best!

Matthew Spade said...

ha insane!

Adrienne said...

These are freakin amazing!!! The spike lenses are the craziest!

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