BIG SECRET: I like Jeremy Scott

T-shirt and shoes - Jeremy Scott
I sort of spoiled myself this Christmas. Both of these are gifts I bought for myself before the holiday season. Now now, I know it's not really in the true Christmas spirit showering myself with gifts, but how could I resist?! I've been eying the Jeremy Scott x Adidas wing shoes ever since the original release but my cheap ass couldn't afford them. How was I expected to say no when they showed up on Luisaviaroma for 50% off?! Impossible. And the t-shirt... Well the shirt showed up in my "Newly listed Jeremy Scott items" email I receive daily. That thing is dangerous too.
Plus, now I have chic gym wear for my cliche "get fit" new years resolution. (I'm looking at you poliopoliopolio & CoaCD)
Hope everyone had a great holiday/new years!


samia said...

cute thang

ELIXE said...

wow stupid

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

These are wonderful, i don't blame you for getting them :) Happy new years!!

Anonymous said...

niceee, wish i could afford JS! i love his stuff

Anonymous said...

lovelyyyy shoessss.
i want those soo badly.
looks like christmas was good to you! hehe.


stephendorff said...

ur blog is dope man.

Kylie said...

Looks like you found a usable picture out of bunch, congrats!

I cannot imagine you wearing those sneaks in public (or any, tbh), but I'm excited to see you try.


K A T H L E E N said...

the shoes are amazing, loving jeremy scott too!

Unknown said...

those shoes are so fun! just wait until the snow clears is all.
We had to design a pair of shoes out of paper for a design class and one kid made shoes with wings that moved when you walked. super fun.


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are pretty cool. All you need now is those Jeremy Scott mickey mouse sunnies and you're set.

Kyki said...

Oh jeez. Don't actually work out/"get fit" in those. Yellow stains (or, according to the ads on TV, those fuckin' annoying little birds that live in our armpits) and dirty soles ain't cool. Maybe try something that's not white...

- kyki xx


Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...


i wanna get so ripped. i wanna look like the dude from hercules and hte love affair (after).

Heart Charlie said...

Well worth the spending! Those Adidas are amazing!

Sjaar said...

Lucky you! Enjoy them!

Samantha Lui said...

Those shoes are awesome!!
PS. I think you're cute =)

Anonymous said...

the tee. yes.


Anonymous said...

do you happan to know an onlineshop which sells to europe where i can buy those jswings ?

Anonymous said...


Alan Li said...

I love those shoes!

chloe said...

cute city.

arttu said...

amazing shoes!

Unknown said...

what a lovely shoes!

subjectivism said...

those are some sweet kicks

The Velvet Scientist said...

I won't lie, I squeal with excitement when I get a comment from you! Your one of my favourites.

These shoes are amazing?! Seriously, I cannot go to Luisaviaroma anymore. Too much temptation.

Hope you are well xx

freya said...

stephen dorff commented on your blog holy fucking shit

A La Mode said...

Too many gifts bought for myself this Christmas! You deserve it and they looks ferosh ;)

Love your blog by the way x

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