Monster Mash

( Hat - Vintage / Hooded Sweater - Joe Fresh / T-shirt - Secondhand / Shorts - Secondhand / Boots - Mad Hatter Magic )

I ordered these boots, appropriately named "Monster Mash" boots, from a costume shop online. They were a total impulse buy and I was instantly regretting them the minute I got them. I'm not sure what I expected and I obviously know they're not very realistic for every day wear, but with a little convincing I think they might have a fun thing to have around. Snapped a few photos to share with you guys.

I honestly need to stop browsing online costume shops. Too many things I would actually wear!

Any suggestions on where to wear these monsters? Don't say to see the Queen because I missed my opportunity to do that this Saturday. Damn work!


Kylie said...

You look sexxxxy boi. The lighting looks gorgeous in these photos, whoever took them must be REALLY talented. A++


Anonymous said...

you should just cut off the height they would be cuttee without

Anonymous said...

No way, get into glam rock, add some silver detailing and wear the shit out of those.

<3 aimee

ELIXE said...

you finally got them!
was this the thing you were all sad about?!
hahaha not THAT bad

here's my list of where to wear them:
1. Concerts/ festivals, that way you can be ginormous and obnoxiously tall and block everyone's vision while getting a perfect view of everything and stand out of the crowd.
2. making wine?/ crushing grapes?
2. To meet GAGA, lord knows she appreciates a good platform

freya said...

holy shit how did u get that smoke detail in that first pic holy shiy i lov u where were u tonite u never return my tex

freya said...

(that was a joke) luv u

Anonymous said...

You could always just have fun by wearing them to the grocery store or running errands! I would probably save them for the fall/winter time though and wear a fun colorful thick sock with them so they won't hurt your feet so much! :)


km. said...

OMG! Those shoes! If anyone can pull them off, it's definitely you!! Loving the Joe hoodie with the mint shorts. Great combo.

Katelin xox

Juanduh said...

i love all in this pictures!
just amazing.

Matthew Spade said...

haha they really are monsters. you club kid you!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

i have to say, i barely ever wear my jazz shoes that i got platforms put on...maybe because i don't go to enough "dress-up" things.

June said...

you could walk trough puddles with them!
great pics.

x. june

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

what a cool shoes!!, Ifollow you..follow me too!

my GIVEAWAY ends today!!


i absolutely love this look. keep the boots just how they are. platforms are only going to get bigger and more ridiculous. the hat is fucking amazing too. i've been looking for one just like it for a long time.

conor riley

costra y ampolla said...

I love how the green pops!

chelsea m. said...


katy said...

wear them on the daily. no one will fuck with you.

Anonymous said...

just a friendly comment letting you know (if you didnt already) that jamie wzeidnoski from over at ohjamie.com has a banner which is ridiculously similar to yours and also copies a lot of your content.
love an avid reader of your blog,

OHJAMIE said...

Ridiculously similar but with black texta over the tape - therefore not the same.
In regards to content, not sure what they mean. I only just came across your blog a couple days ago through Show Your Stache blog so.....

Do love your DIY work though. Wish we got studs for clothing here in Melbourne.

Adele said...

Chip. I am absolutely in love with this. It's weird, yeah, but it's perfect... the boots, the hat, the hood, your pale and perfect skin. The second last photo looks like it's from Acne paper or something. Nice stuff!

Janelle Burger said...

They remind me of Crispin Glover in Rubin and Ed...remember the scene while hes in the river? hmm maybe not

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I vote you pretend they're the Jeffrey Campbell litas -they're both black platforms, right?- and look for youtube platform styling lookbooks. Though I do agree with ELIXE's top places to wear them.;)

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