OKAY. This has been an insane couple of weeks. I think my body officially hates me after all the alcohol I've put into it lately. First off I had 5 days of binge drinking at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Then I had my 20th birthday party. And after all that I went to my best friend's cabin for even more drinking over the weekend. But the good news is I'm still alive and have a ton of stuff to share with you guys! For now I'll share a few photos from a party a few weeks ago. Some friends of mine put an all club rap night on called Grippin Grain and it's always IN-FUCKING-SANE. Beer was sprayed, clothes came off. Jeez! Too good. Here are a few shots from the night.

My outfit - Secondhand t-shirt and kilt, Doc Marten boots

The sweetest chick in the world, GUCCI JANE!! She is so insane.. in the best way possible.

Alright! Enough for now. Sit tight, I prrooommisseeee I'll be updating more this week. Especially since I just got a new 50mm lens from my friends for my birthday! How unreal is that!?


Emma said...

jesus i need to stop making that face.

everyone else looks good though!

Unknown said...

my boobs hurt.

dear dukes said...

Is Jane wearing duct tape on her boobs? Did her nipples survive?!

Adele said...

You must be magical and attract fashionable friends because you and your crew are gorgeous together.
I may have said that before.
Anyway, loving the party pics.
And yeah, it's amazing having clothes and food to switch between, but I haven't started banging out espresso shots yet... I still suck too much. Have you been a barista before? Your words carry the ring of weariness/experience.

Anonymous said...

you're all insanly well dressed