Get to Work

Last week I ordered a Lens Adapter for my new camera. I have an old Nikon that didn't work anymore with a 50mm lens that I loved, so I thought I would try the lens out on my new Canon. I asked Kylie out to dinner to test it out and here are a few of the shots she got of me.

Sunglasses - Raybans / T-shirt - Vintage / Overalls - Secondhand / Boots - Dr Martens / Bag - YSL Manifesto bag won on Coute que Coute
(I love this bag so much, I use it so often but I just realized I haven't done an outfit post with it yet)

And for good measure, how amazing is Kylie's purse tail? I remember her buying it at a thrift store and I love it on that bag.

I'm excited to shoot more with this lens. I would really like to dig out my tripod and shoot some video with it too. It has such a nice gradual fade while focusing, I think it would look great in film.

And while we're on the topic of Kylie... (it seems like every second post is about her, us bloggers stick together!!) She's been working for ages on an online store. She's one of the craftiest people I know so I was looking forward to seeing what she would come up with and she doesn't disappoint. The perks of being friends with the designer is that I've had a few of the pieces for a while now. I have the fringe scarf in black which is such a staple in my wardrobe, as well as the one shoulder epaulette which you may have seen on my blog before (HERE or HERE)

And those spike leggings might look familiar from when a certain blogger met a certain design duo powerhouse for the first time! HOW MAJOR IS THAT? The Rodarte sisters even said they liked them!? UNREAL. Dubbed "Epic Leggings Of Death" by Tavi herself. Definitely of my favorite item in the shop. So go check out the store! BUY BUY BUY!!!!! Bye!


Kylie said...

I think you need MORE posts on me, tbh.
I love youuuu
Thanks for all the free advertising.
And I see the Sats have rubbed off on you in the form of that title... DON'T LIE I KNOW YOU LOVE THEM
Such a good post. SAFEWAY FOR LIFE


Juanduh said...

oohhh i love the pictures
and the tote.

Adele said...

How amazing are 50mm lenses? I hardly ever take mine off my Canon. I'm a bit confused though, do you mean you have an analogue lens attached to a DSLR? Because that is techy. And I want to know how to do it.
Anyway, onto the photos! I love the docs, socks and shorts on you - with the quiff it looks so tuff and stylish. The bag makes me envision you wearing said outfit, which is fun, and looks really good with the simplicity of everything else.
ps. love that safeway sign in the background. Haha. American safeway looks weird.

jasmen said...

you both have awesome style!

Nav said...

i LOVE that tote bag!

you've got such amazing style and a great blog!



Anonymous said...

well, what shall i say.
i love your bag as well! ;D

thanks for mentioning cqc.


Emma said...

jealzzzz of that tail!

fritha louise said...

Love the overalls!

km. said...

Loving the bags in this post..I want that YSL bad!
Kylie is one talented lady!


susie said...

thanks for the comment today. thanks, because it brought me here to your blog. so many great posts! love yr diys, inspiration photos, online shop recommendations... keep it up!

ps the overalls are so badass.

liisa said...

well i just came across your blog and you've done pretty much good job over here. i follow you for sure.

keep up!


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Your dungareey things and boots are amazing :D and yes! Vengaboys! Wow, have i finally met a fellow vengaboy fan!? xxxxxxx


looks like the adaptar worked pretty well! nice pictures and purses

just discovered your blog, really enjoyed it ♥

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures:) Question: Can I use those pictures for a blogpost? would be honored if I could post about you and make some commercial for your blog :) please just answer with a cmnt.


Cara said...

You two are too cool.

MARTTA said...

i love your outfit with the overalls! I seriously wanna steal your clothes.

rouli said...

cool post!!!!!!!!!!

love ur outfit so much!!!!!!!!

so stylish!

pls keep in touch:))



Liz Harvey said...





Love Love everything about it!!!

Katina said...

did I see you this day

OwlFace said...

i tried to go to the shop, but it said i need to be invited?
i wanna buy the cute stuff!


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