blue blue blue

Shredded shirt - Etsy / collared shirt - thrift / pants - thrift / tie - thrift

Caught this tie on the way out of Goodwill on Saturday while doing the crazy $1 Day with Kylie. So glad I saw it. Total fate. Kylie and I both scored crazy hauls. We hit up 4 different locations and didn't leave a single one empty handed. I'm sure you'll get to see most of the stuff, slowly but surely.

My new favorite necklace. I love collecting little bits and pieces along the road but the Marc by Marc Jacobs tooth was just too good to be true.

Just a short little post. Hope you guys had a great weekend!


ELIXE said...

perfect way to cure a case of the mondays!

love the tie :)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The shredded t is really amazing!! The necklace is too actually :) Great finds.


=O I'm so jealous of your crosstie! I've been trying to find a decent one of them for the past year.

km. said...

Love the tie Andrew! I walked into a Goodwill on $1 day not knowing...it was fate! Left with a garbage bag full..

Looking forward to seeing more of your haul!


Unknown said...

Such a rad outfit, and the tooth neacklace is adorable.
Panda xx

Extra Special said...

This outfit is perfect. Just sayin...

Isabel said...

This is TOO GOOD. Sweet Jesus. Love the shredded shirt + collar.

Katina said...

love the necklace
but hate you
so torn

Emma said...

loookinnn goood love you boob

Unknown said...

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