Seeing Red

Took full advantage of my day off today and took on a little DIY project. I've owned these red jeans for a while stopped wearing them so I was thinking of ways I could transform them. I came up with the idea of dip dyeing them. This was my first attempt at anything like this. It actually looks really good up close, it fades nicely, but I'm not the biggest fan of how it just starts into black so bluntly. Couldn't figure out a way to make it transition a little nicer. Also, when I'm wearing them I feel like I'm wearing riding boots. Regardless, I do really like them!

Oh, and I'm taking my camera in tomorrow so hopefully that will be the end of these shitty pictures streak. I've also been looking into getting a Canon Rebel T1i so I can record my stupid videos in HD. Nothing like dancing around in 1080p!


Kylie said...

Haha, I can't stop watching Die Antwoord videos on youtube. Srsly, need their album... if they even have one.

I actually like how the jeans didnt turn out to be gradient, but I bet if you SOAKED them with water before and then dyed it would be better? It looks like you just dipped them dry, haha.
And I also just really like this outfit... reminds me of a certain accesories line I've seen before... hmmmm

John Bernal said...

They are SO FREAKING COOL. It's also great to see someone being productive on their day off haha.

Taj said...

kinda reminds me of Damir Doma last season:


fritha louise said...

At first I thought you were wearing knee high boots with the jeans. They look great though, I actually like the sudden cut off of colour.

Anonymous said...


Russless said...

Um, I might steal this idea. I too have red pants at the back of my closet, bought at Top Shop years ago, and never really worn.

Red pants always seem to need something, and I think this is it!

Benedicte said...

It looks really cool!

always be my baby said...

les pantalons rouuuuuuge. j'adore.

guildedsecret. said...

does everyone have an old pair of red pants in their closet? i'm digging this idea and you did a wonderful job making an old pair, new again!


Hilde Solli said...

amazing style!

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iliketweet said...

Oh I like it! The blending works perfeclty, plus I quite like the bluntness of the black.

tweet tweet tweet


faralda said...

i looove die antwoord!
And your pants look so cool!

xxx, indieberry

missnonhuman said...

OH SHIT SON THAT IS SO COOL. I love red outfits.

xxxxxxxxx said...

Obsessed with die antwoord?! Glad to know I'm not the only one..

Gant Shoes said...

Great post! i'm loving red this year!

BreanneS said...

That looks great. Nice idea for DIY!

micol zanzuri said...

love it!

Katy said...

I love those jeans! I think I'm going to start dip dying everything I own.

Anonymous said...

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