I can't resist

Yes, another video. I know, I know. I want to start posting photos again but something is wrong with my Canon Rebel. I was getting an error about my CompactFlash and now it won't even turn on. I'm probably going to see if I can get it to work with a new memory card. Hopefully that works because otherwise I'm screewwweedddd. I can't afford a new camera!

(Song - I Can't Resist (Sick Of My Music Mix) - Gramme)

Anyways, here is the best way I could showcase my latest DIY. I came across a dance outfit for $4 at a thrift store and knew I needed to do something with it. It was essentially a velvet bodysuit with a long tassel skirt. So this afternoon I seam ripped the tassels off and stuck them on the sleeves of a hoodie I picked up for $15. Not too bad for under $20, I'd say! It only took me about an hour in total, too. Such a quick and cheap DIY. I LOVE IT!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm lucky enough to have all weekend off which I'm really looking forward to. Pray for me and my camera! Jeeeeeeeez!


Katina said...

V. nice boy
why can't you ever like just hem something for me though and save me $5 per item
or like I'd give you the $5
just be considerate of your daughter ok
Also your hair looks good here.

relic hunter said...

what a hipster

relic said...


Emma said...

can I borrow this?


Frozi said...

I was wondering about the error you got on your canon... Is it the error 99? My boyfriend has the same error in his canon rebel xti and he found that actually the error is in the lens electronic contact so he had to take the camera to the repair shop.

btw I loved the video, and the hoodie looks amazing with the tassels! good job. and I like your videos, you edit them very well :)


Meghan and Lana said...

YES i jasss laaavvvv these videos. uh oh weekend off ill expect some late night MEGHAN COME TO THE LO PUB texts.

Extra Special said...

TOTALLY stealing this idea.
Finally, something to do with tacky-tastic old dance costumes...

Kylie said...

I wish you had at least ONE still shot, I can't really see the thing :S

On the plus side, you're hair does look good


Raez said...

looooooove it. maybe you should just screw the camera and just do vlogs forever?

a road to nowhere said...

great hair


This blog is my best discovery of the week.
I'll be visiting frequently! (:

Benedicte said...

Sorry 'bout your camera!

Adrienne said...

The DIY looks great! I would not be able to walk properly in it, though... way too fun!

Anonymous said...

This is truly the most adorable thing ive seen in a while

chloe said...

whoa, okay. now i have a big ol' crush on you. thanks.
thanks for that.

samia said...


jan said...

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