This Is What Dreams Are Made O(a)f

I've been doing lots of online window shopping lately, and one of my favorite sites to drool over is Lazy Oaf. It's not really the style I've been going for but everything is so damn cute. Their pieces have such a sense of humor which I love in clothes. (half this stuff reminds me of Kylie) Here are a few of my favorite pieces

On another note.. I've been obsessed with the idea of ~man sequins~ for a long time now but I haven't figured out how to do it properly yet. It's hard to find the balance between masculine and feminine without looking like a drag queen and that's not really the look I'm going for...

I can't remember where I found this picture, but I think it works because this guy looks like a MAN. Why GOD WHYYYY CAN'T I GROW FACIAL HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!?!!

Love these Jeremy Scott sequin sequin sweatpants which are totally out of my budget, but available on ebay for those of you who are rich/have a sugar daddy

These ASOS Sequin Print Joggers are a little more moderately priced, especally for such a crazy piece I probably won't get much wear out of. These might be the winners to try this look out (although I'm not the biggest fan of the zipper pockets.. hmm.....)
I know this is a little out there, so let the anonymous hate begin!

I'll leave you with a tribute to the King of the man sequin, Michael Jackson

Edit: Totally forgot this image. Sooooo so soo perfect. I love the fit of these:


Katina said...

becuse you posted that pyramid all seeing eye necklace I know you're apart of the illumaniti

sam ezra. said...

omg those joggers are FAB! happy new year!

Kylie said...

Hahha, I love this post! I feel like I've seen that silver sequined legging picture too... no idea where but your right it works on that guy, but its also the whole outfit that makes it look good/masculine/whatever, not just cos he has facial hair. And I think you need the asos joggers, it looks like they've got tighter ankles too which is a plus. I'll take the zippers out for you too, no charge ;) I'll use my serger, hhah!


Panda said...

You have such awesome blog
and i agree, Lazy Oaf rocks ! :-)
and i hope you have a great start to 2010!
Panda x


hey andrew!
the picture with the man
and the silver sequin leggings
is from maison martin margiela. :)

happy new year!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

(i’m still too drunk for commenting
i think... sorry for the overload of
deleted comments... ;)

here’s the direct link to margiela’s
spring/summer 2009 collection
(where you can find the image).


naomi said...

if i were a man and wanted to wear sequins i would take it from a sci-fi angle.

Anonymous said...

Sequins might be making their way back on the fashion radar. They add just enough sparkle to any club outfit.

Just pulled out my sequined bracelet from lEcHaTeAu F/W 05.
Love me some vintage!


mukelarvin said...

Facial hair can get kind of annoying though. You have to shave all the time. It's a hassle.

Especially when all the ladies are going berserk for skinny, clean-shaven, vampire boys.

I've got some purple/maroon sequinned pants but they flare at the bottom.


Emma said...

StyleGurlZ knows whats up.

Justine said...

If you have access to an H&M anywhere, they have sequin harem pants! Totally more affordable.

a. said...

an it's genial.

Marcus said...

omg you too? i can't grow facial hair either :(
even worse my younger brothers already can wtfff

adele said...

no way. if you can work it, work it boy. wish mine would wear sparkly leggings!
i like your sense of adventure

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That’s a very cute yellow sweater, I like the cute monster prints.

Accounting Software said...

I like the vibrant color of the bag. It’s so much fun to looks at.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

i love this pants..i want same for woman..

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