Bloody Fingers

There is a story behind my newest DIY. While shopping in Vancouver, Stefanie forgot one of her bags in one of the trashy barstar stores we were in, so we went back in to search for it. After we had found it we found another trashy store we hadn't been in so we checked it out just for fun. Total ~*~destiny~*~ because I found these boots which were exactly what I was looking for. (and for $20 too!!) I wanted leather-looking boots that were thin so they would be easier to stud. Last time I tried studded leather I got about 4 in and wanted to die. This time it was a lot easier, but my fingers still feel like they're bleeding on the inside. Suffer for fashion though, right? Take a look! I hope it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

The only downside is they have ZERO grip on the bottom. My friend Lana was telling me she took a pair of shoes into a shoemaker to get industrial grip put on the bottom. Might be worth it to get a little more wear out of these. I can just picture myself sliding around on the show covered ice that Winnipeg's ground turns into in the winter months. Not a good look.

Oh, and I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Anonymous said...

If it works for my stripper shoes it will work for these.

Good DIY.

PS. Pullteeth is such a lame blog I don't know why I read it when Tjejsjaten is sooo much better.

m.t. said...

nothing will keep you from falling in this snow, for real. not even sorel boots.
so ...


Katina said...

If I push you into the snow
will your subsequent snow angel
be wearing combat boots

Super fierce bro but you knew that

Em said...

b-e-a-utiful. love them. job well done! i remember i got my tall black doc martens for $20. the greatest feeling like of my life!

p.s. freaking love the header. it sickk.

happy holidays!

Vincent said...

You are so lucky! I was going to stud my jacket but I haven't gotten around to doing so yet, those boots are gorgeous though

Kylie said...

I bet there's some sticky grip things you can stick on the bottom of the shoes, taking them to a shoemaker will cost way too much. Freakin hate those greedy cobblers, they always overcharge


Shade said...

ummmm excuse me? this i epic......i love it

Kristian Hindø-Lings said...

Hi Chip. Gorgeus name
I love youre blog. Really
just wanted to tell you.
And these boots are more than
awesome. have you made you layout
or have some made it for you?
happy new year

Hawa said...

cobblers can be the biggest fuckheads when it comes to overpricing!! might cost more than yout entire life savings (slight exxageration)....anyway i absolutely love the stud work, for $20....its well worth the pain!!

Iñaki said...

Happy Christmas, dude.
Definitely worth the pain.

John Bernal said...

Amazing project! I haven't been brave enough to tackle leather on a DIY project. You inspired me though, and for that thank you.

... said...

Those shoes look awesome! This inspires me to do some DIY projects.

after dawn said...

they look awesome!


Unknown said...

You have such a amazing blog :-)
Love Those shoes, they're legend!

Panda x
*follows you*

Anonymous said...

hahaha greedy cobblers

a road to nowhere said...

your blog is beyond great. seriously. you got the best diy projects.
and i'm the cute girl in the red stripes. if you know what i mean? :)
oh and your header is soooooo cool!!!

Wendy said...

Major props to you for the DIY, I would not have the patience or skills.

Travis said...

the boots look pretty good! the industrial grips work really well, ive had them put on a few pairs of my shoes.

Mandy said...

these boots have been all over tumblr, boy. good job!

Kailee Hubertus said...

wow-ee those are great!

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

That boots is so cool it’s very Goth like designs are amazing. I love the fact that it’s DIY. You’re very crafty.

Affordable homes said...

I always love DIY items. It shows creativity and art on your work, just like this one.

Francheska L said...

OMG. I kind of hate you right now since I´v been looking for boots like that since forever.

god bless trashy stores lol x

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