Jeremy Scott in 3D (or maybe not...)

While in Vancouver last week I stopped by the Adidas Originals store, just to look! (or so I told myself) Went in and tried on an entire Jeremy Scott outfit... just for fun! (or so I told myself) Left the store without buying anything but returned about a half hour later to buy these pants. I couldn't resist!!! I figured I wouldn't have another chance so I splurged a bit. I don't mind spending a bit more than I'm used to on pieces I really like lately. I'm so happy I got these. AH!! And I got the idea from Raez to try 3Ding myself but didn't have any 3D glasses laying around so I followed a Wikihow tutorial on how to make your own... They didn't really turn out. (click) Anyone else have 3D glasses laying around? Give it a try!!

And perfect timing, right after I get home Nylon releases the first photos of the new Jeremy Scott x Adidas collaboration. I loveeeeeeee it all!! Better start saving my pennies.

(images from Nylon Guys / view the rest here)


Anonymous said...


Stefanie said...

i love that pic of u ur killing it

like tay
i am literally dieing right now
u r killing it. shutting it down.

Kylie said...

Although JS did a tailed sweatshirt like that before, I still want it so bad its ridik. And yes you look soooo cool in those photos, do I even have to tell you?? jeeeez. And yes, I will be borowing those pants.
I actually found some 3d glasses (dazed 3d issue... which blows) and it looks good. Really good actually!


Anonymous said...

i hate being anonynmous but i dont have an account, pity me crazy!
just wanted to comment on your outoftheuniverse 3d glasses, reminded me of the bless ones!!

Nia said...

la la love. those js pants are hotfire!!

Joshua said...

you look really good in those pants. and the glasses looks cool regardless of whether they work!

Aubrey said...

where do i stick my credit card! <3

John Bernal said...

The drop crotch pants are to die for. I am on the mission of making one myself (it's gonna be super hard).


IƱaki said...

I'm really digging the pictures.

Anonymous said...


stefan said...

damn i was thinking of ron jeremy

Frances Davison said...

i want IN on the trousers, those are epic!

Unknown said...

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