Hello Daddy, Hello Mom

You guys don't even know how into the new movie The Runaways I am. I'm not going to lie, I'm not familiar with their music but you throw Kristen Stewert and Dakota Fanning together and I'm all game. I don't even know why I like Kristen to be honest. Her acting is terrible and I hate the way she presents herself, but I can't help it. There is something weirdly irresistible about her. And I have the strangest most illegal crush on Dakota Fanning. I mean SERIOUSLY...
SHUTTING. IT. DOWN. This girl can do no wrong. Her movie career is so well throught out and I think it is impossible to dislike her. For now I will leave you with the trailer for the movie. Spring '10, I am ready for you. I'll probably end up seeing this 12 times in the theatres.

Oh and I hear Kirsten and Dakota make out? Ya ok I'm into that.


Fashion Wh0re said...

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What is Reality Anyway? said...

yes! i'm completely obsessed, and can't wait

Evan said...

i'm down for seeing this movie countless times with you andy.

Nia said...

I used to hate her out of blatant jealousy. I can't fight it any more..I want to be her. She's the covergirl for the latest issue of Teen Vogue...and looks amazing! She rocks the RodartexTarget leopard dress..DO WANT

Geoffreyian said...

ahhh so excited for this!

John Bernal said...

I love Dakota Fanning! She's such a great actress. I haven't seen any Kristen Stewart movies but she's really pretty.

Anonymous said...

did dakota's vagina just explode and dispurse period blood allover everywhere?

... said...

Oooh! This looks good! It should be interesting to see Kristen Stewart playing someone as energetic and in your face as Joan Jett. I can't wait to see this!!

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

Wow! These girls are awesome bad ass girls. They totally rock the stage.

temp agencies said...

This is so cool if my mom was one of these girls that would be so cool.

Meghan and Lana said...

omg anonymous commenter is the best.
dakota fanning is superchic!
did you see hounddog?
she gets raped, but its a good movie otherwise.

see you at the albert

Hol said...

I juuussst gotta say, you rock it with your blog and I want to be friends damn it!

See...we have stuff in common:
My lame indulgence = The Hills (dunno if you still hit that up)
I <3 studs, J. Scott, Gaga

Anonymous said...

hi I came to your blog to advertise for friendship

Jordan said...

I wanna make a baby with Dakota Fanning; it is okay for me to say this 'cause I'm a teen too.

Anonymous said...

Yay... But, LOOK AT DAKOTAS THIGH um idk how to feel right now... Yuck

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