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Yuck I don't blog enough... here is some crap I've bought lately

A mere 12 days since blogging about wanting red ankle cowboy boots, I found some! Unfortunately I had to SQUEEEZEEEEE my feet into these to take the photo, so it doesn't look like I'll be keeping them for myself. :( I just had to buy them for someone else who would appreciate their beauty (Katina?)

These shoes are a bit tight too, but manageable. Suffer for fashion, right? I just loved the super pointy toes.
Both shoes were $5.99 at Value Village

Next is this sweater that I picked up at a church rummage sale for $1. I had to cut the shoulder pads out but I think it's pretty cool! I thought it was even cooler when I saw...

I've found a few Braemar by Jeremy Scott items before and I never really knew if it was the real Jeremy Scott or what. Anyone know the store behind this?

And lastly...

WHAT?! As seen on TV? I've never seen this shit before but it is clearly a knock off Bedazzler, and you know what? I'm okay with that! I've come across a few things like this in thrift stores before but I was amazed when I opened it and found...

...most of the original studs! They only come in packs of 15 so I don't know how much damage I'll be able to do with these guys but I'll definitely post any outcomes.

See ya! Oh and I guess you guys should follow me on twitter now? I don't know...


Kylie said...

OMG!! Dude, your killing me with your awesomeness. Those boots are PURE LIQUID HEAVEN!!! Your makin me feel like a hobo... well I've pretty much been dressing like one for the past week...

That bedazzler is so cool, I've wanted one for a while now. And that sweater is the BOMB! I probably wouldn't have even taken a second look at it, but it's really cool. I love.

If we didn't have the same shoe size, those boots would undoubtably be mine

Katina said...

Oh that sweater is way nicer on than I thought it would be.


Anonymous said...

i think that everything you bought looks like shit

Mark Dela Cruz said...


Anonymous said...

whats ur twitter yo?! The link on "twitter" just goes back to the blog

freya said...

i think everything you bought looks like shit


A* said...

Congratulations!!!! your new adquisitions ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!


Kylie said...

Plllleease post again. I'm wasting away here, I need some home-cooked blogging!!


Kaela said...

i want that black sweater!!

Allthismore said...

dude digging the red boots

Unknown said...

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