I'm back!

I'm back from my trip which was great. I will spare you the details but I got to see LA, San Francisco, a town in Oregon and Vancouver again. I did some shopping, with a few highlights (Polaroid film, floral shorts, a shirt with a cat on it lol) and I spend some good quality time with my family, so that was nice.

I came home Sunday and had my last pattern drafting class on Monday so I had to pump out the homework. My final project was to design and construct a menswear garment. I decided to make a motorcycle vest and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I thought I would share it with you guys!

The hem isn't done yet but I couldn't believe how well it turned out in about 2 hours of work! I'm really pleased :)

And another note, why hasn't anyone told me about Winklepicker boots? I'm in LOVE!

I especially love the red ones. Red cowboyish ankle boots have been stuck in my head lately for some reason. I've been trying to find some thrifting but no luck yet. Maybe I'll have to order these, but they're almost $100... yikes. Check out the rest of the boots here!


Katina said...

Did you go to alcatraz?

Emma said...

those boots in red are to die for.

Nia said...

love the vest, make me one :)

Nia said...

love the vest, make me one :)

dear dukes said...

Those are pretty much totally awesome and overall amazing.

Matias - Organizador said...

amazing outfit, really I love it :) and more the no colors! great blog


Mark Dela Cruz said...

awesome vest, love the clean lines.. the white zipper adds a nice touch.

Jordan said...

Dude, you (and your Brandon Flowers jacket) be on Hipster Runoff, if that means anything to you.


Anonymous said...

Hipster Runoff kinda blogged about you! http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/2009/05/the-pattywolfalt.html

Brigitte Plouffe said...

i have a sears catalogue from 1990, and they have those exact boots in them. let's just go back in time and you can get them for 20 bucks.

Unknown said...
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Shade said...

wow amazing vest, you have talent.
by the way i hope you liked LA.
where are the creepers from, in your last post?

chris petres said...

MAKE ME ONE!! i cant find a way to contact you tho. PLEASE

Crystal Wood said...

Look at you being all creative and all that jazz! That vest is pretty bad A along with those boots. I would love to own me a pair if they come in ladies sizes. Those red pair.....my god. perfection

btw. i'm blogging again and its back at my 11:11 site. sorry i keep switching but this time i'm comfortable and i'm staying. mind changing my link one more time?

Scattered said...

LOVE the vest

Anonymous said...

oh you are very talented. the vest i mean, it looks amazing in its simplicity!

the shoes, whoa. wouldn't mind owning a pair.

Raez said...

hot. that vest is pretty much rick owens right there, loves. and yeah, im sixteen. just begging to be dragged to a club, i am:P

xx Raez

Unknown said...

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