new shit

I've done so much shopping lately so I thought I'd show you guys a few of my purchases! Plus, my ASOS order came in today!

Asos Glasses & Bowler hat, I'm in love with both

Thrifted double breasted blazer I got today... I'm into this... I THINK... $7 or some shit

I finally got a Sebastian Tellier tank... I really like it but I don't wear t tops much so we'll see how much wear this guy gets.
This is everything I got from ASOS btw

I'm pretty happy with everything. The wide brim fedora is a little weird, but I excepted it to be.

I'm going to California/the west coast for just over a week on Saturday so I'll be even less active than normal. I'd like to promise photos when I return but that probably won't happen... oops. See you guys later!


Emma said...

you need some tats on those arms.
everything looks great though!

Anonymous said...


Nice and Shiny said...


... is that a HSM calandar? Ur my hero

And yes! to all the new stuff. That hat will haunt my dreams, its so good. And you already know how I feel about those glasses...

But the Sebastian Teller tank, hate to break it to you but might start to deteriorate afer a few washes. I washed my ST oversized t-shirt twice and it's already pilling all over. AA makes me so mad, their stuff is such junk these days! You look pretty hot in though, so try to get some wear from it!!
ps- whats with this previous comment? Wiiiierd

Emma said...

Hawt Stuff
I'm excited to get my garments from you

Stefanie said...

you are my fiercest friend
but one thing: give the blazer to me

Shade said...
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Shade said...

whoah really nice stuff!
you're coming to CA? NO Way? Come to LA! what part r u visiting?

Shade said...

ahahah no way!?
thats funny.
well i hope you enjoy LA and there are tons of cool thrift stores so have funnn.

Shade said...

ahahah no way!?
thats funny.
well i hope you enjoy LA and there are tons of cool thrift stores so have funnn.

Garen said...

Why do i have a feeling that you got that crewneck sweater in the first pic from superstore?

Jasmina said...

wöw those glasses are really cool :D

Antonia said...

jealous of you haul!

Aliliisa said...

those glasses are amazing!! i want one too!

Matt Rowley said...

ooh, love your glasses man!

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