more clueless, more creepers, more.. other stuff

My style has been heading in the direction of 1990s anyways, but the recent addition of Clueless to my daily life has made me go a little overboard. (lets just say that I almost spent $15 on a not very nice mini backpack at Value Village)
Some of you might remember my blog post about Creepers so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see them in my new favorite show.

Murray! You're killing me! Red bowler hat and blue suede Creepers? Perfect

Now I've got my eye on these... I can't order them online because I just charged $325 on my credit card on ASOS.com (granted, it was a purchase split 3 ways between friends) Oh, the woes of online shopping.

And can I just add, I don't know who this is or how I found this photo, but I need a jacket with a shoulder piece like this.

This Diesel Black Gold one will do just fine, thanks.


Katina said...

I support the shoulder look, and the creepers are starting to grow on me.

And you two spent $245 between the two of you? yikkesss.

Kylie said...

Yeeeah, thanks for this! (although I'm still not done my paper :P)

I cannot find a clueless torrent anywhere yet, but I gotta keep looking cuz I neeed to see this good stuff! The fashion is insane on Clueless!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR style! where did you get the feather patches for the brandon flowers jacket?

Andrew said...

Just from a craft store! Thank you :)

Meghan and Lana said...

asos is fab when i have more $$$ i'm going to order stuffffffffffff ok i like this post but i don't like your new flaming header. had to be said.

Natalie said...

The Russians sure knew how to do those shoulder pieces right.

Pixienish said...

Creepers! Haha to the man in the jacket. I remember watching Cinderella and gawking at Prince Charming's tassel-top shoulders :p

iris said...

yeeees, high and big shoes are lovely! i like this post!

Who What Wear said...

The 90's are back, in a big way! We can't get enough!

Be sure to enter Who What Wear & Hautelook's contest to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!


discotheque confusion said...

i believee it's george V, queen elizabeth II's grandad.

cus you know, i'm a cool history kid like that.

Unknown said...

where are those creepers from?
im really digging them

Anonymous said...

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